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A few from Stamford and GCT. Metro North shots


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Nice shots!


What the heck happened to that gennie? That is some serious damage. MOW equipment run into it or something?


- A

Thanks!! Im not sure what happend to it, must have crashed into something.


Nice photos! ;)



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Nice pix!


There was a bad storm May of last year, and I am wondering if that is the Gennie that literally hit a tree on the Danbury branch? I am probably wrong, maybe they have fixed that one by now.


Frank (MTA)

Thanks!! That's a possabity it could have hit a tree.


Great shots! =D



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The cosmopolitans remind me so much of the R44,which is probably why they are growing on me.....Now where are those M8`s!
My thoughts exactly... I believe I saw somewhere that the first few are being shipped to the Port of Baltimore starting this month (Dec. 2009).
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