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When is the SFT going to open?

MTR Admiralty

When will the South Ferry Terminal open? (Your opinion)  

  1. 1. When will the South Ferry Terminal open? (Your opinion)

    • 19 December 2008
    • 21 December 2008
    • Sometime in January 2009
    • Sometime in 2009, just don't know when

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As we are drawing close to the opening of the South Ferry Terminal, we have been hit with several possibilities for the opening date of the new station.

Earlier on, we heard that the station would open on 19-12-2008. Later, we heard reports that the station will open on 21-12-2008 and recently, the media has told us that the station will open in January.


Which one do you believe is true?

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I doubt they will risk problems with xmas & new year coming up. I say first week of jan.


- A


Yup, that's what I would say. I think the 4th would seem likely, because the next day is when school resumes. A lot of people return to work then. So it would be a good idea coinciding the opening with people returning to school or work.

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And especially when it is less problematic since the Holidays is very crowded in the City and the New South Ferry Station may have some problem areas that need to be fixed but can't since staphangers are using the station...

If there are serious problems with the station, they can't open it. And they would not fix it after people use it. If there are problems, they try to fix all of them now. During this time, they are doing testing to make sure that the structures are structurally sound and that there are minimal vibrations. Although nothing is perfect, the MTA wants to bring the station to close perfect.

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Guess what I heard it was soppose to open on February 2009. So Edit and Add February 2009 to the poll because lot of people said it souppose to open on 2/2009. But I still think it will open 12/21/08.

It's okay, that is part of the last option, no?

Furthermore, I was down at the site just before (ON THE PERIPHERY, NOT THE INSIDE)... from my observations, the glass installation on the canopy is DONE. It needs the signage (South Ferry Terminal-Whitehall Street Station (1)(R)(W), whatever the hell it is) and probably lights.

Go to Whitehall Street Station. On the southern end of the station, just right before fare control, you will see a blue wood panel blocking access to what will be the free connection. Go near the phone, you will have a view of the new station. Past fare control, you will get the same view. The metallic tree design fence will split the passageway in half, one becoming the free passageway, and one as a pre-fare paid zone. Sooner or later they will tear down the wooden maiden so that we could all get a good view.

The southern half, by the way, smells like rat crap. The construction probably relocated the rats to the station and they had fun crapping their asses off. That is my speculation (this goes for the underpass at Fulton Street Station under the (4)(5) platforms)

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Probably you should take a hop downtown and report it to us, so that we can be 100% guaranteed your prophecy is true.


I have received word that the station will open LATE January. That date seems a bit too extended. It could be opened earlier before that.



Don't bother with his so called "prophecy" cause the station ain't opening

tomorrow.even with this weather we're having.i'll say early 2009.

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Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 4.01; Windows CE; PPC; 240x320))


I swung by there (in the freezing wind), and it doesn't even look anywhere near ready.

What are they doing as far as the new pick? (with jobs starting out of there, even!) Running a supplement for a month or more? It seems like thsy should have just made it next pick!

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