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Just When You Thought There Were No More FL-9's

Fred G

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Most excellent pics Fred!!!


Btw, this photo did not get uploaded, you forgot the slash in the second IMG code bar.


Thanks, backline, I fixed it :D




Nice photos!!


Thanks, trainfan22!


Wonderful pics sir Fred:p


Why thank you, Curtis B)


Sweet shots! I like how cute the FL-9's look, B)!


Thanks, AWWang!

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Excellent shots. Man I love those old FL9s. The color tones of the last shot are great as well. The lighting from that time of day almost ages the photo. What do you shoot with?


Thanks, I love them, too. I shoot with a Nikon D700 and in this case the lens used was the Nikon 35-70 f2.8.


Wow nice photos this engine is still in service,and how old is it?


Thanks! It's in service right now but has been in the throes of retiring since 2005. They are a 1957 vintage and were all over the NY Central and the New Haven Railroads.

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