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12/22/08 Pics & Vids - R160A-2 On The (E)!!

Cait Sith

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Went fanning with CurAke79 in hopes of catching the R160A-2 Option Order. And we successfully caught it! Caught the train @ 7th ave - 53rd Street en route to WTC. Then took that train and went to Jamaica Center, Then took it back down to 42nd Street - PABT, and man, it was way too overcrowded...@__@


Here is my take on the R160A-2 On The (E)

















Videos uploaded later. Enjoy!!!!

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Nice shots. Looks like everyone went to catch this train. The influx of railfanners and foamers are going to increase in the coming weeks. At least you got it out of the way. :rolleyes:


Nice pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, Were there seatless cars?


I think that was just a rumor.

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Your photographs of the R160A on the (E) are definitely the best I've seen so far. I heard reports that there was only one train set of R160A's on the (E). I'll have to catch it by luck, or just wait a few months when the R160A and R160B's are plentiful on the (E) and (F), so I have a better chance of catching them. Great job! :rolleyes:

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Guest Charles

wow...the (MTA) HAD to leave off the A so it would read JAMAICA-VN WYCK. Ugh. That's the only bad part.


Other than that, brilliant shots.

Wonder if the (MTA) left off other letters...

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We caught the train that was supposed to arrive @ WTC before or around 3:30PM, but due to delays, it was late. Then we did one full round trip!

Thank you.

I caught it yesterday at 50th St.

I was planning to take R-160 to Jackson Heights Library, but since R-160 came, I took it to Jamaica Center for Central Library.

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