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Welcome to the forums, glad to see another B/O joining our ranks.


Welcome to New York City Transit Forums....pls enjoy your stay on here and glad to see another B/O made it on this site!


I believe she's not a bus operator guys. She's definitely interested in becoming a bus operator and that's why she's here.

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Thank's everybody for your warm welcome. And yes my bad. I'm not a B/O

yet. I just had my # restored yesterday. From what I was told it wont be long from now. SO on the humble If their is anyone that is willing to school me. Please do so. Because I want to do my best. I find the forum to be very insightful. So thank you everybody in advance for your help.;)



And Harry Thank you again.

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I think what cpbo was trying to say to you was it's not as easy being a B/O we all have to deal with stupidity on these lines also the(MTA)makes it harder for us B/O to do our jobs correctly however you'll do just fine out there just do your job and make that money.Peace love (K)<R>

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