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Photos Of The (J) and (D)(M) Via West End (56k!!!!)


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Great pics! I love the sepia shots, and that FIND shot from under!
Thanks, took me 3 tries to nail that FIND shot.
Beautiful! Wow! :cool::cool::tup:
Thanks Zach!
Hot shots man, when i saw the title i thought the (J) was on the WE line lol.


I of course need to go down there this week~

Thanks, I took these (M) train shots because I thought it was getting cut but I found out it wasn't, ahh well still like these shots just as much lol..
beautiful shots
Great shots!
Excellent shots!:tup:
Thanks ma dude!
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Thanks MTR!

Nice photographs, the (J)(M)(D) are looking excellent here.

Thanks, the (J) and (M) always look excellent to me, with the (D) it depends on my mood lol..
Nice pix on the West End Line featuring the (D)(J)(M) Lines, :)!
Nice shots. 160s owning the West End....
Thanks 553!
Thanks FG!
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