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  1. Exactly! How ironic it was all of sudden they decided to make the change ASAP. The RTS was due to retire by the end of the year, but again sometimes Transit don't always follow their agenda. If it wasn't for the public addressing this concern, it would have been remain the same situation with these depots still using old buses or hand me down buses.
  2. IMO I believe it will be ENY since they are almost done with their current RTS, and Flatbush will be next since the media has brought attention towards the communities that these two depots operates on. Lets be honest here, Flatbush depot is known as the depot that operates on heavy traffic routes such as the B41, B44, and the B46 and carries a lot of passengers that hits main interest points across Brooklyn. These routes should have been first routes to receive new buses style since it carries passengers traffic. ENY, Ulmer park and Quill either already or starting to receive new buses with the Wifi and USB port chargers. Flatbush depot only has 46 - 47 of these new buses on the SBS46 route only and currently have the 2015 XD's which doesn't have any of the new features that the new XD's has such as USB Charger port and updated announcement screen. The other day I was at Zerega training facility and I mention to one of the Supt I was cool with regarding the article that has brought the public attention towards these communities that currently still using old RTS on routes versus other areas using new buses only, and according to some of the information that was shared with me really is the reason why the MTA quickly made this drastic decision getting rid of the RTS sooner. Pretty much its who runs what depot and what relationship that depot management has with the upper authority that makes decisions where which buses goes to which depots. In other words "Favors aka you my buddy and I'll hook your depot up" type situation. So when the borough President of Brooklyn stated that they were going to investigate whats going inside these bus moves and decision, The transit authority already knew some of the secrets would have spilled and caused another media out break.
  3. Yes and the reason being, there are not enough leg room, the seats doesn't go back as much compared to the recent buses that are out there. Myself when I had to operate on them I would have to try to adjust the seat up high which caused a hazardous issue since the panel on top of the bus would interfered with my view and sometimes by sitting high up because I have long legs, it would take a toll on my knees holding the service brake pedal at traffic light or moving through slow traffic. Some of the RTS seats doesn't even go up or back enough. But overall if these buses were to have a little drag race, the RTS would out beat the current bus since the speed on those buses are wooohoooo........((Thats all I'm saying)) lol
  4. Oh My GOODNESS! Finally they're are leaving!.. 🙆‍♂️ Woo hoo for those who doesn't understand or who's depot doesn't carry those buses, they are not some operators favorite due to no space at the operator compartment, and its annoying to load both Wheelchairs and walkers passenger. I salute the RTS for its power and snow weather master, but it was time to move on since now we are on the new buses style. Woo hoo!!
  5. Update: At 13:23 hers, they had NYPD tow trucks towing some of the dollar vans on Flatbush. It looks like they probably towing those who are not legit or something.
  6. This morning The TLC police were out on Flatbush Avenue.... You barely saw any dollar van maybe 3 or 5 spotted.....
  7. B41 is another interest route that travels North to South of Brooklyn using a main road. Downtown bklyn to Kings plaza or Bergen Beach. The road is also interactive with heavy traffic flow dealing with double park vehicles, dollar vans and etc.
  8. Both Atlantic Ave bus stop always have them dollar vans and TLC vehicles parked right at the bus stop, causing a potential dangerous situation to happen. We need as much support to get the situation resolve. I know this has been an ongoing situation for years and nothing has been done about it.
  9. No group. At the moment Flatbush depot operators are being trained on the XD60 just so when the current fleets changes from LFSA to XD60, that the operators is equipment qualified. The information in regards to some of the current 7600's buses may get unwrapped and thrown into local service was explained during a shop gate at the depot sharing a few information to whats coming up for the depot.
  10. Interesting....... I'm not sure but right now I know during rush hour time certain areas on Flatbush Ave especially downtown has no parking.
  11. Restore The B41 Petition by the TWU Local 100 Petition by TWULOCAL100 The B41 Bus, serving the heart of Brooklyn, has lost 5 million riders in the last decade because of traffic congestion, double-parking, and other problems that can be fixed. The B41 is a critically important public transit resource in deep distress. But we can restore the B41 by putting in place bus-only lanes with a physical barrier keeping other traffic out of the B41's path, painted bus-only lanes with enhanced enforcement, and bus-priority signal technology to reduce time spent at red lights. We need Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Department of Transportation to work with the MTA to create a fast-moving bus corridor for the B41 from downtown Broooklyn across the borough to Kings Plaza. We need dedicated bus lanes and enforcement so that double-parkers and "dollar vans" don't impede bus traffic and don't steal revenue from the transit system.
  12. Without a doubt If I had to pull out a bus and they only had an RTS and and NG left, I would pick the NG to be in service. But like always once a vehicle starts to become old people will start to hate it.
  13. During my childhood I use to praise the RTS's especially when they started rolling out with the new blue cushions seats. I use to love the way the engine sounds as the operator accelerates. But now being on the other side sitting behind the wheels of the RTS's I change my mind lol........ Hands down on the B41 I try my best to pull out an XD especially dealing with walkers and wheelchairs passengers they are perfect to kneel and load. When its possible the yard dispatcher try their best to provide me an XD especially on the weekends. When I know I'm pulling out an XD my entire mood swing changes and I know I'm have a great day out there lol.
  14. "I wish" The AGM at FB was the GS for maint' dept and I heard rumors he favors the RTS's since they use to love repairing them at FB. The NG will be the future hated buses as more of the NF's comes in play. The only thing sucks with the NG's are the kneeler takes so long to raise back up.

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