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  1. Ahhh I see.... its been 3 years now since I have been with OA and I was also on the TA B/O list 4600. When they called me the first time I never switch over because I was already a month to go from completing probation. A few weeks ago I purposely reinstated my name on the list to see if the list was still active and I got a call and email yesterday to come to Livingston for 4600 TA B/O. I spoke to my G.S. at my depot and he stated that if I decided to switch over from OA to TA that I would keep my same pay rate now and time serve but would lose 3 years seniority. I've heard that T.A. SLD takes a long time to even establish a list and call candidates compared to OA SLD promotional test which I'm thinking real hard is it worth switching just to take the SLD test for TA or should I just wait for the OA promotional test opens up.......
  2. Yes some of the passengers out there are getting confused, like EastFlatbushLarry stated that some of the passengers are just lazy to even read the destination sign. I will only give credit to passengers that may be visual impaired or have some sort of disabilities. Like yesterday I blew my swing "Break/Lunch" and I was instructed by Console Command Center to do a short trip to Empire Blvd after my lunch break and start back the other direction at my regular time. I swear the destination sign stated in big bold letters "B41 EMPIRE BLVD" and I also pre-recorded on my phone with the Speak4me app onto the bus speakers where each time the door opens the outside speakers repeats 3 times "This is the B41 To Empire Blvd.....Last stop Empire Blvd" and I made sure I put the volume on the speakeasy announcement loud enough that it would just annoyed the crap out of you and I still had passengers asking me if I was going downtown or they all look shock when they find out my last stop is empire blvd. Some of the passengers on the B41 thinks the sbs wrap buses are limited buses only.... All they see a big blue bus with the sbs color scheme and they assume its a limited bus.
  3. My name is on that list, I thought about switching over just so I can take the SLD promotion test, But I would hate to lose 3 years of seniority. I regret that I did not switch over when I was on my 7th month on probation back in 2017 when they called me to switch over from OA to TA but I was afraid I would start all over with probation and etc. If I switch over today I will keep the same pay and benefits, but would lose 3 years of seniority which is a big lost. So I guess I'll probably wait till the OA promotional test comes out.....
  4. As of today I received a memo from another co-worker at ENY depot that they are starting construction work for Articulated revision.
  5. They look great on the B41....... The other day the Depot union wanted the sbs wrap buses onto the B41, B/2/B31 only since the other routes on the depot are causing mass confusion when they're on the local service.. For example a local 46 was using the wrap buses and it caused a major issue where passengers thought it was an sbs bus in service.
  6. So after my investigation in regards to if the SBS buses are Pre-wrap or painted this is what I was able to come up with. IMG_5901 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_E5894 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5902 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5903 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5904 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5905 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5906 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5907 by Duece Drives, on Flickr IMG_5909 by Duece Drives, on Flickr Looks like some are painted and some are wrap.
  7. Soon soon Soon. One more week to go... Jan 19, 2020 will be full in effect. Yeah I kind of figure this would happen sooner or later. But this will only happen when that dispatcher at KP is on duty during the PM hours Sun - Wednesday. He's the only one that actually uses the SBS46 operators to do extra service on the B41 when the 41 is delayed in service. I'm an 41 operator and I have the intention to try to bring the artic out one of these days over there on the 41 if I ever get the chance too, but I already know the yard dispatcher won't take that chance since the route is not program for artic buses yet.
  8. Yes the headway is increased and less buses are out on the route. If the route use to have 37 runs, they would cut back the runs to save money. One articulated buses is consider two buses load.
  9. The 3900's hybrid buses were awesome. Felt like driving an old sport car that still has interest value lol..... Especially the way the steering wheel was using the old RTS style wheels with the three spokes instead of the 2 large spokes that all the latest buses has.
  10. Hmmm Interesting........ I remember before 7650 was sent out on local service it was parked inside the body paint bay and I remember seeing the select teal blue was hanging off the side of the bus like they were starting to peel it off. Some of the sbs buses at my depot has been hit, or scuff marks and sometimes you can see like a slight black marks on the Teal blue part. The back of 7649 Yellow is two different yellow tone. The bottom of the back of 7649 yellow looks fresh and the top yellow where the destination sign is a little darker from the bottom yellow at the back of the bus. This weekend I will be working at the yard, so I'll ask the yard foreman or Superintendent for "Maints" if these buses are wrap or painted. Here's an old video when the SBS first started
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