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  1. We’re getting more Artic buses by the end of week especially due to the sbs46
  2. XDE 4950 was spotted at JFK with the sbs theme. Hope FB gets it since quill doesn't really need it.
  3. During the PM rush hour especially on the weekends, Sometimes its hard to make that left turn into the Kings Plaza terminal. When the traffic light changes for the buses to make that left turn, vehicles from the other side traffic makes it impossible for the bus to complete the turn unless we force our way through and start blowing the horn to make vehicles at least leave some space so the bus can complete the left turn into the terminal.
  4. Alright Folks I have a little insight information directly from management and union at Flatbush depot regarding the SBS46 articulated buses plan. According to the depot union chairman at Flatbush, the other day he attended the Operation Planning and designing meeting to discuss a few issues regarding certain situations that has come up with some of flatbush depot routes. The MTA currently has plan for January 2020 to enroll the Articulated buses on some of the SBS46 runs but with a few issues that were addressed to the operation and planning team that the current 40ft buses sometimes barely have space at both layovers "Dekalb and Kingsplaza". So If the 40ft buses has problem sometimes laying over at these two location, what will happen when the artic buses are in effect?......... So clearly it seems like the dept of operations planning and design are a step behind and this may cause a slight delay from the sbs46 enrolling the artic buses which is planned for January 2020.
  5. Bus #7649 out of FB unwrapped and was on the B44 and B41 Today..........
  6. There aren’t any. With the CDL you can apply and take a multiple test question for Bus Operator position. Some of the trucking positions you see are usually promotional position or seniority base. For example to haul away big things on the MTA flatbed truck, the driver positions is pick based on seniority. To transport money its usually a promotional test from a bus operator position or if they decide to hire from outside, you have to experience working for another company like Brinks and etc transporting money and able to obtain a gun license.
  7. Yes I was able to get on the bus since I recognize one of the supervisors. It was dispatchers, Superintendent (Road operations) and union officers on the bus doing a test run on the route by using the articulated bus without passengers. They even parked the bus parallel to the B38 bus stop on Tilary street and Cadman plaza.
  8. I just saw 4710 XD60 doing a test run through downtown bklyn. Im not sure if its a test articulated bus run for the B38 or something. Bunch of transit and and dot vests were inside the bus as they cruise down Cadman plaza and going down Tilary street
  9. The best advise I can give you is if you have the money to pay for CDL school, get your license and you won't have to worried about retaking the written exam. The DMV road has completely changed compared to when I got mines in 2015. So going to CDL school is a must in order to pass the new DMV road test.
  10. You need to be between 28-30 days of compliance. They will also look at the overall percentage of usages. 93 - 99 % of usages of compliance. Your sleep study doctor needs to also write a note and provide a copy of your studies and the compliances report which you will submit to the MAC doctors.
  11. No... That bus disappeared since that day. When I pull in later I will check the yard dispatcher buses fleet information to see if that bus still around at the Bush. I wouldn't be surprised if that bus left the depot since Flatbush depot always getting their good buses snatch away. P.S. Articulated buses soon to come on the sbs46. A lot of modifications has been done on some of the Utica bus stop just to utilize the articulated buses. Its has been months now operators are still in training for the new XD60 at the bush just so no operators give an excuse that they weren't trained on the XD60. My predictions states that, I'll give it no later then late fall we should see some articulated out there we shall see.....
  12. So it looks like the general public that takes public transit transportation still doesn't have a clue how Select Bus Service works. Almost every day I can count how many times passengers comes on board on the SB44 and try to dip their Metro card into the bus fare box when clearly the box is wrap up with a message saying "No on board fare collection". Sometimes it gets tiring repeating myself over and over "No sorry you can't pay here, You have to pay outside by using the big fare box on the curb side and collect a receipt to ride on this bus". And their facial expression looks totally clueless or they just nod their heads and walk away. I had this lady on time tried to pay her fare inside the bus and I stopped her and explained to her the process, She totally ignored me and went all the way to the back of the bus to find a seat. Once I reach Nostrand Avenue and Clarkson stop, the MTA Eagle Team were waiting. They manage to pull her off the bus to give her a fine, and she kept on pointing towards my direction the entire time. One of the supervisor approach me and ask me "Did she try to pay her fare here?" and I responded yes and how I was trying to explain to her the process and she just walked away. The entire time as I was speaking with the supervisor, I can hear her saying to the others "He didn't let me pay, he told me to go sit". Long story short, they didn't issue her a fine, but instead made her pay and obtain a receipt. Its 2019 and some people still have no clue how the SBS work and it seems like some don't care and just want to get on the bus and go on.
  13. I have been operating the 2018/19 NF XD60's and I notice these buses are super slow when it comes to acceleration time, its even worst when you're going uphill with a standing load. I believe MTA probably reprogrammed the computer to slow the transmission speed on those buses. I notice its only happening on the 2018/19 models for example bus # 6133 acceleration time is slow and the other higher numbers buses does the same reaction, but bus # 6113-6119 acceleration is much faster compared to the 6130's updated models.
  14. Not sure, but the operator was pulling the bus into the depot and reported an issue to the bus. So it was parked afterwards into the Maintenance lane hold.
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