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Which New York Bridges?

EE Broadway Local

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My favorite is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. It's become a regular to my commute to and from college. It's very scenic, offers good photo ops, and it's just...beautiful, especially at sunrise and sunset.

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My favorite bridges


Manhattan-despite a major design flaw it is the strongest bridge in the city. It carries 400,000 subway riders each day as well as trucks and buses


Verrazano-a freakishly large and beautiful bridge


Brooklyn-the most famous bridge in the world. Although it doesn't carry commercial traffic it is still a vital part of the city's infrastructure


Whitestone-another large and beautiful bridge


Least favorite


Williamsburg-the ugliest bridge ever created.


I've walked across all of the BMW crossings.

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My experiences were


Brooklyn Bridge-walked over it back in 2004 and It was intimidating at first,but It quickly became a thrill.Also rode on it as well(via car)


Manhattan Bridge-Personally my favorite bridge.Walked over it in 2005 and barely no Ped or bike traffic,but can be intimidating with the water on one side and the subways on the other.Of course rode the subway over it.first time being 1990.


Queensboro Bridge-Walked it a few years ago,mildly impressed:(


Other bridges via car


Whitestone Bridge


throgs neck




Verazzano bridge


Goethals bridge rte 278

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I've taken the subway across the Manhattan, rode over the Verrazano and Queensborough, and rode AND walked on the Brooklyn Bridge. I've even rode over the George Washington Bridge and Broadway Bridge.


The Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite, with the Manhattan and Spyten Duyvil (Amtrak) Bridges second and third respectively.

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I've been across every major bridge except for the Bayonne and Outerbridge Crossing.


I've walked across the Brooklyn and Manhattan.


I've driven, or have been driven, over the others. My favorite is the Throgs Neck Bridge. It has a beautiful approach that seems endless!

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I have:


Walked Across

The Brooklyn Bridge (My favorite walk)

Williamsburgh Bridge (Seeing the (J)(M)(Z) as you walk is cool)

Broadway Bridge (Same with the (1) and former (9))

145th Street Bridge

155th Street Bridge


Ridden Subways Across

Manhattan Bridge ((:P(D)(N)70(QB))

Williamsburgh Bridge ((J)(M)(Z))

Broadway Bridge ((1)(9))


Favorite Bridges At Sunset

Throgs Neck Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge


Bridges I Would Like To Try

Triborough (Senator Robert F. Kennedy) Bridge

George Washington Bridge

Queensborough Bridge

Bayonne Bridge

Goethals Bridge

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Guest Charles

The Whitestone Bridge got some great views, Queensboro Bridge is an underappreciated icon, and Hell Gate Bridge for its structure.


those are my 3 favorite bridges, though all the bridges have their own merits.

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