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Bronx LOCAL bus pics

Forest Glen

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It is very rare that I go out of my way to take non-express bus pics. Today was one of those rare days. Despite having a bad cold, I mustered up enough strength to take the <6> to Pelham Bay Park and look for the Nova LFSA. I arrived at 2:45 PM. 5 minutes later I saw one on the Bx5. After taking pics, I waited for one on the Bx12 SBS. In the interim, I saw a few training buses with the LFSA. I took pictures of them but they weren't up to my standards. At 3:50 PM, I saw the Nova LFSA on the Bx12. I took a pic and got on.


As I rode the bus, I overheard people talking about "the new 3 door bus". The bus was super crowded, especially between Williamsbridge Road and Jerome Avenue. Having 3 doors definitely facilitated the ride. I rode from PBP all the way to 207st. It arrived at ~4:30. The seats were fairly comfortable. SBS was the one thing the MTA did right. Without further ado, enjoy!












Other pics from today









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