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Working on a new style


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I like the Gray Color....looks like some old subway cars....it the blue going to stay????


Yes the blue will stay with the gray.


Looks good to me! At first I thought something was wrong with my computer!


Glad you like it so far. Your computer is working just fine.

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I like it keep up the good work!


I think it looks great!


I agree with everything, this new style looks fantastic!


I thought my colors were off too. This style looks phat I like it.


I like the skin the gray looks good. I'm happy you kept some blue at least.


Glad all you guys like it too!

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It looks great Harry.


Looks excellent, love the clean and sleek look :)


The new style is great, I love it! Reading the threads is a lot more easier now since the pages are more clearly arranged; it's even more fun to browse through the forums now!


Thanks Harry! :)


Glad you guys like it!


You're welcome Oliver.

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