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Bus Shots on May 2010


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Nice job catching the shuttle buses :tup:


Thank you, they came in bunches, too.


Nice pixs Man! And great meeting ya too :cool:


Great meeting you too, thanks a lot, glad you had fun.


Excellent pics!


Thank you very much, sir.


Very nice photos man and great meeting ya yesterday, :cool:!


It's nice meeting you too, I hope all goes well.


Awesome pics!


Thanks a bunch I try my best.

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(2)Shuttle pics look spread out :tup: How many types of buses did you see serving this shuttle?

(D)owntown BK looks good cuz nobody really fans that area were you was:tup:


Thanks a lot, well to answer your question, I've seen Orion V diesel, New Flyer D60HF articulated, Orion VII NG hybrid, Orion VII CNG, Orion VII Hybrid (old gens) They were based out of Gun Hill, Michael J Quill, Manhattanville, Kingsbridge, West Farms, and 100th Street Depot.

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Nice shots metatops .


Thank you very much, good sir!


Nice stuff


Thanks a lot, Henry.


Very nice photos and the DesignLine, nice, :(!


You know what, that was my first time ever that I saw that bus, I had to photograph it, sorry if the quality didn't come out so good, but I tried. Thanks a lot.

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VERY well-done, and I love the close-up of the Spring Creek Depot decal.


(BTW, I was in Midtown yesterday at around 4 to 5:30 PM.)


Thanks, man, why didn't I get an invite? Back to topic, I had to take a closeup of Spring Creek Depot, currently that's my favorite (MTA) bus Company depot.

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