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Brighton B4 The Rain


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Cool Pictures! :tup:


great angles!!


Nice! I need to get out onto the Brighton next im back.


Nice job! You got some good ones, but try not to zoom too much or shoot too close to the trains. It's better to get a bit more of the background in the shots as well.


nice pic with the construction workers lol


is the 32 B still out there? I thought it was moved to 207th already lol


Thanks !!! :cool: :tup:

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Cool pics!




Nice pics!!!!




Nice shots!!!! When did you go get these?! I was out there yesterday as well and I posted some shots and vids on the Brighton!!!!


Same day didn't see you though i stopped at Brighton Beach because of the rain


nice pics ^_^




Awesome! IMO, the Brighton is the most scenic line in the city.


Thanks and yes it is

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