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OMG are the R46s coming back on the (F) line?!

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And people like LRG and INDMan relax I know I am not a Mod so please lay off the comments. This is avoid a zillion threads on the same topic and help out the mods. Thanks
Why did you have to mention them if they have yet to comment this thread?


Also, you're right. You're not a moderator, and you're not helping them in any way, so please for once, let the moderators handle this.


As for this thread itself, very misleading title.

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You know 8thAveExpress, if you know this is a stupid thread, why would you make it? I see you thanked a few post above.. Telling the TRUTH.........


SMH.. Theres always something stupid going on in the RF community!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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