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Pics from my last visit to the city


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Pictures can be found here.


There aren't a lot of pictures this time, but when I get around to it, it's made up with videos. Mostly I stuck to the (:( to get my fix of the R40s before they perish, riding up to 145 to wait for an R40M (much more suitable for filming with the non-slanted window). Eventually, I was accosted by a transit employee for filming and lost my R40M so I could explain to her that the MTA's rules did permit filming, my copy of rules readily in my camera bag, I went on with my filming. At DeKalb, where I had disembarked, I decided to catch a (:P back into Manhattan due to the lack of an R40M train arriving in my direction. I got lucky and caught an R40M back up and got a wonderful video of what's left of Myrtle Ave station. From there, my memory blurs, but I did get great footage out the RFWs of an R32 (R) and R32 (F). Videos will be up shortly, sorry for the delay, but I was in Pennsylvania for a week or so immediately after my trip to the city.


Ah, I nearly forgot... I was hanging around in Hoyt-Schermerhorn waiting for an (A) that wasn't crowded (I gave up eventually), but while waiting, I noticed that one of the signs on the wall of an abandoned platform had been replaced with one that read "Spring" which I would think, seeing as Spring St is along the Lexington Avenue line, would be related to the filming of the new Pelham 123. There are some pictures of it on my linked website.

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Nice, the R42 shots are my favorites.




Spring St. doesn't even have IND style tile, so they're completely off there...


What you punch is what you get... someone's trying to be funny there.


Great pics.


Thanks. You have to think though, the average movie attendee isn't going to realize the difference between the tiles, though we transit fans will certainly be peeved about it.

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Thanks all! @ N-Trizzy, I won't be back quite so soon, early August at best, but have fun! As well, here are some of my videos I unloaded from a tape today (I've got 4 more tapes to unload).


Myrtle Avenue's remaining platform

Worth St

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