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MTA fare hike proposals unjustly targets suburban commuters

Via Garibaldi 8

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I think the base fare should be raised to $2.75, but they should leave the pass at $112.00 since it's mainly New Yorkers that use the passes.  As far as the suburban commuters fair, they will see increases on their passes regardless of what happens to the base, which I think is ridiculous.

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Sample LIRR Station Fares to Penn Mineola Current Proposed

One-Way Peak



One-Way Off Peak



Weekly Commutation



Monthly Commutation




Penn.... Atlantic Terminal.... Same fare zone...

Fitting that they use Mineola as an example....


Anyway, so I'd have to pony up 10 more bucks a month (120/year)..... *shrugs*....

I honestly thought it was going to be worse.......


The fare's gonna go up again after this go 'round anyway, so I'm going to save my strength (complaining)......

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The hikes are in line with current US inflation. It's not like the 2010 hikes, which were more of a sucker punch than anything...


Percentage wise, city fares have historically been raised higher than commuter rail passes, but it wasn't really noticeable since the commuter passes are, in general, more expensive. But what are you going to do when no one wants to have a proper discussion on how to fund the MTA, or respect the results of said discussion?

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