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Brighton Local

Brighton Beach Shuttle Bus Madness!

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While Photographing the (Q) G.O. In Brighton this afternoon, one wouldn't realize how valuable weekend (Q) service actually is. Random people stopped and read the "No Trains at this Station / Use the Shuttle Bus" sign, and began to converse ( 99% in Russian ) about it. Others just read the sign, and still went up looking for the (Q), while other passing patrons were shocked to see, and not hear the (Q) rumble over the Brighton El. Its not that often that a G.O. like this is placed on the (Q). I'll tell you though, Brighton is actually really quiet without passing trains. I mean traffic you can hear anywhere,; cars/buses honking, alarms going off, EMS/Fire Trucks , Police Cars, but without the (Q) its a different neighborhood.


*A handful of the Shuttle Buses were out of Fresh Pond Depot.**













A very quiet EL



Most of the buses Scrollsigns displayed:


(Q) Train to Kings Highway, with a scroll change after "to"


(Q) Train Local to Coney Island, with a scroll change after "to" again.


Caught a few of the well known: Subway Shuttle signs


Then I caught a different one, on an RTS, the B/O had his sign displayed as:


Storm Route

(Q) Train Local to Coney Island


Reporting from Brighton Beach,


your buddy :cool:





I guess the "Brighton Local" took the day off.

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(B),(Q) rawring madness!

Those shots are mad cool, ;)!


nice photos


Nice pics, Zach. I didn't know a hybrid was on the Shuttle Bus fleet today.


There were at least 3 on the shuttle today.


Nice Pictures!


I like the pics of 9577 and 869!!


Nice, now i find it funny ~ Christmas Decorations under an EL :(



Thanks Guys!



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