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  1. Alright. That seems like something I’d incorporate into my own plans.
  2. From my experience, a commute between Queens Plaza and Forest Hills was 12-13 minutes at best. If the kept a route along 80th, then it could’ve followed the following route: From Myrtle Avenue > 80th Street > Grand Avenue > Broadway > Jackson Heights/Roosevelt Bus Terminal.
  3. This is what I ended up waking up to today. I’m really disappointed by this: https://nypost.com/2020/01/25/cuomo-was-never-going-to-let-andy-byford-fix-new-york-citys-subway/
  4. Given the recent discussions on the R211 and R262 threads. I’m going to speculate how service can be run more efficiently with the new upgrades that were scheduled to get. With QBL CBTC and RBB. While deinterlining Queens Blvd would be ideal, it’d come with its own challenges. Not to mention that while building an in-system transfer at Lexington 59/63 is also ideal, it likely be a very difficult thing to do. So service should run as follows: run 15 TPH as usual along QB express unless 1 or 2 trains can be added with the addition of CBTC. If that’s the case, then the would be the ideal line given that Culver Express service has potential. would continue to run 8 TPH, but instead of supplementing the , it would run along side a new service, which would run at about 10 TPH. The gets booted to 63rd while the uses 53rd. service would be reduced to 6 TPH (or 10 minute headway’s) as it would serve as a supplemental Local line for the Rush Hour. With 10 trains and 6 trains going to Forest Hills during the rush, this leaves the remaining 8 trains to be routed down RBB. These trains will terminate at Rockaway Park with the sole intention of connecting passengers with different parts of the Borough. Personally, I can’t see the RBB being built under the LIRR option. These changes would be more effective if trains were rescheduled in a way where merge delays are greatly reduced and where Terminal Ops at Forest Hills we’re fixed. service would run 18 TPH between Astoria and Bay Ridge as it would now become the sole Broadway Local route. The route designations can be swapped between the and if Bay Ridge gets salty about it. service each run about 12 TPH. (24 combined along Broadway Express and SAS) With 8th Avenue CBTC With a new service introduced, it would run alongside the in Manhattan. Ideally, CPW and Canal would be deinterlined. However, this plan will not cover CPW. service will merge with the between 42nd and 50th Street stations. While this service pattern is not ideal, it would have a lesser chance of impacting service under 8th Avenue CBTC. Service (while being lengthened by R211’s) will terminate at WTC as opposed to Euclid, but will run at 12 or so TPH given the CBTC upgrades along 8th Avenue. This eliminates the merge delay at Canal. service will 20 or so TPH to maintain a better balance on the number of trains Branching off between Lefferts and the Rockaways. This may affect the number of trains run on the and . If needed, these 2 services can be switched along CPW, though I wouldn’t recommend this. Lexington CBTC and Rogers Junction With CBTC Scheduled to hit the Lexington Line in addition to the R262’s, it’s time to mention Rogers Junction. As recommended in MANY studies in the past, the best way to deal with Rogers Junction is to Deinterline it by building 2 new switches. I don’t get why the wont take the opportunity to deinterline this Junction if Lexington CBTC would indirectly help boost reliability in this junction. If anything, this is a great chance to improve Flatbush terminal as well. The following can be done: The Switches can be added at Rogers. The and continue straight down to Utica/New Lots. While unnecessary at this point, the train will run 20 TPH to New Lots and the will do 10-12 TPH express runs to Utica. This is due to the capacity constraints at 142nd/149th Street Junction. and service will terminate at Flatbush Terminal. From what a friend of mine told me last year, they use one Track at Flatbush to send out trains and the other track to send out trains. (Correct me if I’m wrong on this part.) This type of pattern would end and and trains will be sent out from either track in order to speed up Fumigation. service will run at about 20 TPH while service will only run at 10. Under this proposal, and trains will share equipment as opposed to the and (though there could be a put-in set exchanged between the and every now and then). trains will now move to Livonia, but still layup trains at East 180th/Unionport Yards. The will move to East 180th, but still layup trains at Lenox. Bronx service will see the following: 20 TPH along Jerome. and service share 30-32 TPH. trains will continue their express runs with 10 TPH running along Dyre Avenue.
  5. That’s .... kinda sad? Never really cared for those announcements anyways.
  6. If the idea that having the becoming an Astoria-Bay Ridge Route requires more trains and that a Whitehall-Forest Hills service require fewer trains, then wouldn’t this mean that there’d be enough spares to run a new 8th Avenue Service? Also, I’m confused with something. @darkstar8983, are you saying that the would need more trains if it were rerouted to 125th?
  8. Are you referring to the PCAC Study or an entirely new study? I’m actually interested in reading this now.
  9. You can say that again. Cuomo should’ve been voted out back in 2018 when we had the chance.
  10. Well 2 things can happen: - Send a handful of 179’s to the for Crosstown CBTC - Expand ENY Yard.
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