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  1. I find this to beneficial in terms of Capacity and improving the Shuttle overall. Too bad that I won’t be able to Railfan at the one Corner by Track 4 or take pictures of the Shuttle in that middle Platform by the time this is complete.
  2. Okay. This thread went off topic. So to bring it back on topic: I caught the going up to 96th Street a few days ago with a friend of mine. The both of us took it up to 72nd from Lexington 63rd. When it came back, we were expecting the rollsigns to be set to . Sadly, they weren’t. At least the LCD signs were set to
  3. I was talking with one of my friends about a proposal that he made (Which I’ll share in the proposals thread some time soon). He asked me why the was an unsuccessful line. I personally know the answer, but I’d like to know what y’all think.
  4. I have a few pizza places within Manhattan and Queens that I like. • The one by the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue. I forgot what they were called • Due Fratelli right outside the South East corner of 67th Avenue and Queens Boulevard. • and this other pizza place that’s located on 31st Avenue and 55th Street (not far from Northern Blvd, the Q18 Bus) called Casa Theodoro. It’s a Pizzaeria AND a Brazillian Restaurant mixed into one and they got some Bizzarre pizza flavors. As someone who comes from a Brazillian family, I enjoy this place’s food a lot.
  5. I’m going to assume that 3020-3049 won’t be delivered for a while
  6. This is a good read! I’m unable to copy and paste the article while I was typing this. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/05/new-york-infrastructure-costs.html
  7. I agree with the notion that he needs to learn the hard way, and by that I mean that this crackhead (who sounds like he’s only worth $0.05) should be punished with the disruption of a public service and the endangerment of others lives with No bail whatsoever. Ir at least something harsh.
  8. Unless you replace it with a different Local Route to Jamaica. On a Side Note, Veering the discussion away from Flushing for a moment, I thought of a restructured Q39 that would be more direct between LIC and Ridgewood. Buses will start at Queens Plaza like they currently do, but run down Queens Blvd instead to access Van Dam Street. (N/B) Buses will do the same but will have some sort of loop around 21st Street in order to begin (S/B) Trips. The route remains the same until 48th Street/Laruel Hill Blvd where the route will continue down 48th Street until it reaches 56th Road/Rust Street. Between Rust Street and 61st Street/Fresh Pond Road, (S/B) buses will run via 58th Avenue and (N/B) Buses will run via Maspeth Avenue before ultimately replacing the Southern Portion of the Q58 Route. Its Current South Terminal will be replaced by a Split Q54 route. Any thoughts or opinions?
  9. Hey quick question, how many weekends will the and terminal swap occur? I’m asking cause I’m trying to railfan that, but I’m unable to do it this weekend
  10. I was thinking the same thing. With a Q25 conversion to SBS, I was thinking the Following as part of rerouting buses Q44+ - Routed off Parsons Blvd and onto the Whitestone Expressway with the 50 Limited Q25 - Limited becomes Select Bus Service and picks up the Q44 Slack until 20th Avenue where it'll go back to the Normal Route. Local service remains the Same. Q20A/B stays as is until further notice
  11. There are a few Facebook groups that you can join if you want to talk about BVE Development. But here is not the right place to talk about that as @B35 via Church just said.
  12. Nah. Saying this as a Transit Student myself, the trains are barely used and are just for Show for the most Part. Even the RTS that we acquired back in December. So I wouldn’t bother replacing the R42’s until they start being utilized more. Damn right. It’s kinda annoying to deal with but I don’t mind it. Sounds like you weren’t able to make the best of your time there.
  13. Now that you mention it, I was able to ride this set on Monday between Euclid and West 4th
  14. @rick1032, I don't have permission to view the maps. Can you change that please so I can get a better understanding of what you're proposing?
  15. I got to share our a few of my ideas at an Open House for the Queens Bus Redesign today. It was quite interesting too. Some people were writing ideas on post it notes. Some people were advocating for extended hours on the Q30/31. others asked for better bus stop placements and Better Queens-Brooklyn Connections. One person asked for a bus route that covers the service roads near the BQE. Another person wrote that the should take the Q23 off Austin Street and reroute it down Yellowstone Blvd to speed up runtimes. I threw in My fair Share of ideas too like the Q38 split and Simplying the Q59 in Brooklyn. Overall, it was fun.

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