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  1. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Neither can I. The only way I know this is because put signs up on QBL. I saw them on Union Tpke and Forest Hills on my way home today.
  2. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Well, the is doing that G.O. Again with 53rd Street where they have the go via 63rd Street and 6th Avenue again. But this time, there’s a twist with the running from Metropolitan to Chambers for an entire week! So I guess QBL is temporarily deinterlined for a whole week. (It would’ve been at least good to have the run local with boosted and service (heck! I know this isn’t a sensible thing to do but Even a few ’s to keep local service frequent would’ve been nice!) but eh, whatever. I’ll be off that entire week so it doesn’t matter for me.
  3. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Well, as a Queens Blvd Rider myself, I would understand the concern of removing the from QBL, which is why I proposed a Rush Hour Split service (With an Increased service of course). Another concern I’d like to bring up is the 36th Street issue. If trains were put under a strict schedule and ran certain headway’s (under the scenario that our signal system was properly maintained) then it wouldn’t be much of an issue. (Say for example - via 53rd and via 63rd run next to each other entering/exiting 36th Street. The next minute, it would have to be an and doing the same process). Your proposal works too, but I was more or less focusing on a rearrangement of service in order to create more reliable headway’s rather than fully deinterlining.
  4. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I'm going to agree with this statement here. In my opinion, No subway line under any circumstance, should take over PW. It sounds like a waste of money if you ask me. Just extend the east, Increase LIRR Port Washington Service (especially when East side Access comes around), Improve the bus Network around Flushing, and you're done. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a side note, I've come to fully understand why an service pattern would work perfectly on QBL. I was riding the earlier today, and it got delayed because of an in front of it first, and then an , which didn't help so much. This helped me better understand interlining, and the sometimes negative effects of it. Here's a small proposal I made which only affects QBL and 8th Avenue (Keep in mind that this is under the assumption that QB Local can handle a 3rd Service and Forest Hills wasn't so ..... messed up when it comes to fumigation. Another note I want to point out is that this proposal keeps 8th Avenue Interlined and doesn't affect CPW) - Cut back to WTC and runs at 12 TPH - Altered and now runs between Jamaica Center and Euclid Avenue (15TPH). It will now run express in 8th Avenue. - Unaltered and still running at 15TPH - New Local route from Forest Hills to WTC, via 53rd Street (8 TPH) - Now runs via 63rd Street; Remainder of the route is unaltered (12TPH) - Now Runs to Astoria (15 TPH) with a select 5 to 6 TPH heading to Forest Hills during the Rush Hour. gets increased service of about 12 TPH and the is booted to SAS now running even split headways with the (15+15=30). Any thoughts or questions?
  5. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    hmm. Ok, thanks. I was asking because I saw this during the Weekend Midday hours. 12PM to be percise
  6. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Earlier I saw a Q53SBS on the service lane in Queens Blvd headed to the Rockaways. And I’m thinking over here, isn’t it rare to see a Rockaway Park bound Q53 on the Service lane on QB between Grand Avenue and Woodhaven or is it just me?
  7. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    CBTC - General Discussion

    They already do that during the evening rush hour.
  8. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Systemwide CBTC - Planning and Implementation

    QBL is going to be next in line Which will be complete in 2021. This will affect both Jamaica Terminals, the Queens Blvd Main Line, and the 53rd Street gunnel. Next in Line will be 8th Avenue between Columbus Circle and Hoyt-Schemehorn (I believe, or was it Jay Street-Metro Tech? I don’t remember right now) For The . I’m unaware of the completion date since all I’m aware of is that it will be done congruently with QBL. The would be fully CBTC by then. Well, It was stated that QBL and 8th Avenue are next in line for CBTC. It’s likely that after those 2, Lexington would be next in line to receive CBTC between Nenvis Street and 3rd Avenue-138th Street and 149th Street-Grand Concourse. As for it’s completion date, I’m currently unaware of that. Also, I’m assuming that the order of each line that would receive CBTC under Fast Forward would revive them under the order they were given (whitin 5-10 years of course) Anyways, next in line is Culver I believe. I find the implementation for this one weird because it doesn’t cover Culver entirely (and by that I mean only between Ditmas Avenue and West 8th Street-NY Aquarium). Since the would be partly CBTC under this plan, be fleet changes would need to be made. I understand that the Section between Jay Street and Church Avenue is to test signals, trains and what not, but I find it odd that we won’t be getting CBTC under that section. I went to TransportationCampNYC 2018 a couple of months ago. When Andy Byford presented Fast Forward, someone asked him why CBTC wouldn’t be added between Jay Street and Hoyt tin Coney Island to cover the entirety of Culver. If I recall correctly, Mr. Byford said that he’d add that into his plan. Though, I don’t remember what he said clearly. If anyone else here went to TransportationCampNYC 2018 and remember what he said, can you shed some light on this? As for the completion date for Culver, I’m also unaware of that. Anyways, the last Line for the 5 year plan would be Crosstown between Court Square and Hoyt-Schemehorn. I’m unaware of the completion date for this but I’d suggest for to begin CBTC work on Crosstown now (without letting it interfere with the train shutdown). That way, the would be able to operate more smoothly which would help many line commuters. This would also be a boon for Amazon HQ2. The lines that are scheduled for the 10 year plan, I’m unaware of the order for that. All I know is that the following will get CBTC within 10 years. 6th Avenue (between Dekalb Avenue and Columbus Circle for the Express and Jay Street to the 63rd Street tunnel for the Local) The would be fully CBTC by then. 7th Avenue (between Nenvis Street and South Ferry to Harlem-148th Street and Jackson Avenue) I find this to be the weirdest batch whitin the 10 year timeline because it ends for the at 96th Street and for the at Jackson Avenue which would affect the as well. Fulton Street and the Rockaways (between Hoyt-Schemehorn and Lefferts and the Rockaways) This would help Fulton Street and Rockaways Riders, but in the long term, a new local service would need to take over Fulton to allow for express runs to Queens. Broadway (between Queensboro Plaza and Dekalb Avenue via Bridge and Tunnel) this is another batch I find odd because it doesn’t bother to give SAS nor Astoria CBTC at all. Astoria because it needs a better terminal and SAS because it’s relatively new. But as we all know, CBTC would be more effective on Broadway if it were deinterlined. Which is a discussion for another day. Well, those are the lines scheduled to get CBTC under Fast Forward. One pet peeve I have about this plan is that it doesn’t cover entire line segments (I.e. the between 96th and 242nd and CPW). For all I know, the only lines that will be fully CBTC under this timeline are the and possibly the . However, as said before in these forums, (and I’lol day it in my own words) CBTC won’t mean anything to us if we can’t even maintain our current signals properly.
  9. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Video: Man Misses Bus, Man Chases Bus, Man Smashes Bus

    Oh, forgot about that. Being Crazy is one thing. Having a mental illness is another
  10. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Video: Man Misses Bus, Man Chases Bus, Man Smashes Bus

    Well, as we all know, there are many people with a mental illness. Is there anything the city can do to resolve this issue?
  11. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    incompetence. That’s one reason that you can list. Poor Management > Overstaffing > Inflamated Construction Costs. > Us not being able to get nice things thats another way you can put it.
  12. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Systemwide CBTC - Planning and Implementation

    So far, yes! In the next 5 years (and pretty much everyone should know by now) these lines will be getting CBTC: Queens Blvd 8th Avenue Lexington Culver Crosstown I’d specify more but my mind is still a little tired from the previous weekend.
  13. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    If that was the case, then you could've given the Midtown East Portion of SAS Phase 3 special treatment
  14. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Service Cuts

    Well, true. I forgot to add that Into my question. (I need to rest )
  15. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Service Cuts

    Welp, More cuts! That last thing the needs right now, especially on the and lines. Mismanagement is getting worse. Am I the only one here who wonders who exactly is behind this mismanagement?


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