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  1. Hey Random Question. How Much money would deinterlining the subway system save?
  2. then you're either talking about 3076 3176 or 3276
  3. If I'm not mistaken, it was discussed on this forum Months ago that installing a switch there is not feasible. I forgot who said that though.
  4. No. Only trains went via Lex and Bypassed Fulton
  5. Who knows. I asked a question related to Deinterlining when it comes to Fast Forward back in June. The was doing a panel (about Fast Forward and Improving transit in Queens). When the speaker asked my question (and I even used Broadway as an example too), Byford said he was in support of the idea, but it needed to go through community Input first. Either way, I hope that they seriously consider it if they want to improve the system.
  6. Here’s a proposal I’m working on Q75 Limited Zone (Or Q75Z) This idea will tie into someone else’s idea on here (I forgot who). Anyways, Buses will start at Union Tpke with the Q46 and run up Union Turnpike (making Limited Stops) until it reaches Francis Lewis Blvd. once that happens, the Bus will run nonstop until it reaches Utopia Parkway, where it’ll replace the Q76 up until College Point. Q76 Buses will be rerouted to serve Bay Terrace. Any thoughts or Opinions?
  7. Broadway Junction needs a Redesign in order to meet ADA Standards and improve circulation throughout the station. As for ALL 70 stations being Structurally deficient, that makes the Bronx and the look very, very bad.
  8. You can see the lights better if you go to the Platform that takes you to Track 3.
  9. Sometimes, especially if I don’t feel like waiting for a local train at Roosevelt (Which I usually do) or if I miss my stop (Which is very rare for me to do)
  10. Now that you bring that up, I wonder what it would’ve been like if Broadway was built as planned.
  11. I’ve done it a few times, and even towards 63rd Drive (my home stop) as well.
  12. Are you proposing the Canal flip Proposal? If you want to do that, then I recommend sending one of the Broadway services via Brighton. http://library.rpa.org/interactive/subways/ Where the Heck did the train go? Also, your proposal would work great if you sent it down Utica.

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