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  1. That’s 2 less trains that would be sent to Bay Ridge. 11+5= 15 so that’s overall, 5 less trains being ran in place of ... 5 extra trains.
  2. Now assuming that service is boosted to 15-16 TPH and the is running at 7-8 TPH, assuming that we’re working with a 15/7 ratio when it comes to Broadway Local service, 5 trains will go to Bay Ridge total. I’ll do a timetable later
  3. I’m assuming that the number of Trains per hour would go as follows: on a combined 24 TPH 15-16 TPH given Astoria’s terminal layout 7-8 TPH
  4. The and in my idea BOTH run on 63rd and QB Local. In that scenario, 63rd and QB Local will run at or near full capacity. The and a new service will fill up the capacity along the entirety of 53rd Street. As for Astoria, I believe it can only turn about 15 TPH or so given the current design of the Interlocking’s just outside Ditmars. Maybe someone else on here can give you a detailed explanation about Ditmars’ terminal capacity, but one thing that we know for sure is that sooner or later, we need to address the interlockings outside Ditmars. Since the idea here is to remove the and create a extension up Northern Blvd, a new passageway could be built between Lexington 59-Lexington 63rd to mitigate this issue.
  5. Not sure exactly where to put this question but; If the were to remove a few bottlenecks and deinterline in the process. How much money would they be saving right now?
  6. I’m actually glad that this swap is happening, because that means more capacity for QBL in a way. Now if only the could get their act together when it comes to G.O.’s along QB. I had to hop on a Q60 bus just now cause Manhattan bound Service is delayed and there’s no Queens Bound Service either, so that’s great.
  7. I might have to recalculate that sometime soon then.
  8. Make that 36TPH in the 1960’s. I was doodling on a piece of paper one time and calculated how many trains would run if the ran on 1:30 Minute headway’s from Willets Point. I think I calculated about 40 or so TPH as a result. It’d be nice if this was the case with a 9-car service.
  9. It seems like you’re not paying attention. What @RTOMan is trying to explain is that in order for QBL CBTC to debut in 2021 without any issues or failures, they have to test the signal system first. The test will begin on December 23rd 2019, and will take place between Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue and Forest Hills-71st Avenue. If successful, then they’ll likely test CBTC in other locations along QBL. Keep in mind this is just Speculation, anything can change at any moment. Last, but not least. I think that @Maxwell179 meant that your action of repeating the statements in your posts and your actions of spamming are stupid. There is no direct indication that he called you stupid whatsoever. @Maxwell179 correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. They’ll likely stay at Coney Island and Concourse. Please refer to this thread that @S78 via Hylan has posted above
  11. Delays Southbound , , and trains are running with delays because of a signal malfunction on the Manhattan Bridge. Posted: 11/25/2019 06:05 PM I’m assuming that something happened at DeKalb
  12. We have a proposals thread for discussions like this. But I’ll share my 2 cents. Extend the Train Cars to 480’ (that means running 8-car R160’s and potentially 179’s on the ) Add 2 outer tracks at 36th Street Station and under Northern Blvd until Broadway where it can split up into 3 tracks going up Northern Blvd and stop at Junction Blvd as a Phase 1 Northern Blvd Extension. Stops will go as Follows. Queens Plaza - ( is rerouted to Astoria) 36th Street - ( Service is moves to 63rd Street and all 6th Avenue service is local. service gets and increase. This is part of a much Larger plan) 48th Street - (Northern Blvd is cut open to allow for 2 Tunnels and a Local Station.) Broadway - 62nd Street - (Potential RX Connection) 80th Street - Junction Blvd - New Terminal. A Potential Spur Up to LaGuardia Can be built and the Line would be extended further up Northern Blvd. On the South End (East Of Bedford/Nostrand) A new tunnel should be built to connect the Crosstown Line with the Franklin Shuttle. The Fankline Shuttle will be buried under its existing path and Franklin Avenue.
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