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  1. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Hmm, that's a tricky one. I guess that you have 3 options now: 1) Expand weekend service on Brighton and have and trains run local. 2) same service pattern as weekdays, this can result in increased ridership along Brighton 3) Suspend service on weekends and run trains to 207th
  2. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Does this mean that trains would be running on Weekends in your proposal?
  3. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I've been thinking about a post SAS proposal for some time..... If doesn't consider building a LL on 72nd (which would be a huge mistake) then here's what they should do: unchanged rerouted to Metropolitan Avenue via the is now the 8th Avenue Express heading to Lefferts or under a new junction to Jamaica would now be the Central Park West Local and would be rerouted via the line and would terminate at either Broadway Junction, Atlantic Avenue , or at Jamaica is now the Queens Blvd Local and would either be an isolated line running at 26TPH or Share tracks with a rerouted is now the Main Queens Blvd express and would possibly have two Branches (those being 179th and Jamaica Center) trains would now terminate at a rebuilt Queens Plaza for better TPH. Trains would also make runs to 18th Avenue trains are truncated to Essex Street but would now service Bay Ridge trains are no longer routed to Metropolitan and would now service the Queens Blvd Express via 63rd Street and would Terminate at 179th Street and 2 Avenue (trains would service the Culver Local during rush hours to allow trains to run express) to avoid a bit of confusion, you could swap the and symbols trains run 15TPH to Astoria unless extended to LaGuardia Airport the route would run express but will no longer stop at 49th Street. trains are routed to Forest Hills or LaGuardia airport and would run a 12 to 16TPH schedule. If RBB was considered then you can route these trains to JFK. Trains would also run via West End and 4th Avenue Express. trains would now be routed to 125th Street and terminate at Euclid Avenue via @RR503's tunnel. Trains would run 8-12TPH under a new 57th Street Flip to continue on the Broadway Local tracks. trains would run with 18-22TPH with another 8-12 TPH short turning at 55th Street. Past 2nd Avenue/Houston Street, the would replace the and on the Manhattan Bridge and run via Brighton where it would run a split service similar to the and all shuttle services are unaffected service is deinterlined at Rogers The is effectively eliminated I'll make a map later. Any thoughts?
  4. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    This plan may controdict what you said a little bit but here's an idea I came up just now goes to 125th and Terminate goes to 72 LL and continues on a lower level to Fordham Plaza (Secondary SAS route) in the short term using 63rd street tunnel sharing with the but later on uses its own tunnel to Queens.
  5. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I'm about to check out the following to 96 termination at Prospect eekend service
  6. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    NYC subway gets ‘group station managers’ to ensure clean stations

    Today, I walk into the Forest Hills platform at 63rd Drive - Rego Park heading to school. There was this one homeless dude smoking on the platform. (I start coughing) but I look at him thinking in my head “Bro, What the fu-“ and kept walking. I wonder if Station managers would solve relatively minor issues such as this. Because that’s something you’re not supposed to do in the subway. And homeless (in my opinion) have No place in our system when we’re all trying to get to our destinations.
  7. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That’s silly!!!! If they were really concerned with the Train Speeds, then they should’ve taken the time to rebuild the signals in a certain corridor. Not add timers where they’re unneeded. On a side note. The 6th Avenue shutdown G.O. makes little sense to me. If their goal is to modernize signals, then why not shut down the entire corridor for about 8-9 months or a year to do all of this work? Realistically, if 6th Avenue was shutdown for a period of time as I stated above, that’d be enough time to Rebuild Signals, Add Elevators, Modernize Stations, add low vibration rails, etc. and the service pattern would go a little something like the current weekend pattern with some slight modifications: unchanged suspended temporarily cut to Essex or Chambers via 8th Avenue and Culver Queens Blvd Local/Broadway/4th Av Express via West End (to provide decent Local service in Queens” Broadway Local via Whitehall and 4th Avenue local (on Weekends) (runs a few Extra TPH) Not the best solution, but if ’s goal was to Modernize or repair 6th Avenue, this is how it should’ve been done. Obviously it would come with an inconvinience
  8. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Since the issue on SAS is Phases 1 and 2 and the idea of a tunnel under 72nd Street has been floating around, I’d have to ask what if such a tunnel was not feasible? Then what? Anyways, here’s the service pattern I’d see if such a LL tunnel was feasible: to 125th Street to 72LL and terminate 53rd Street tunnel 63rd Street tunnel. Astoria via 60 St tunnel The best thing that can consider is to NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT building Phase 3 until such an issue was resolved. I’m not against reverse branching at all, but I see providing optimal service as a higher priority! Edit: I just read @RR503s comment about @Around the Horns proposal. But I still have my doubts
  9. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    New Proposal!! Kings Plaza - Gun Hill Road via 3rd Avenue. The 149th Street bottleneck is removed and the is routed via 3rd Avenue to replace the old path of the EL. It would terminate at Gun Hill Road for Yard Access. The would go to Dyre Avenue and a shuttle service operates in its place. I was initially going to terminate it at Fordham Plaza until I realized that if I terminate it there, how would the access a yard? Stops (past 125th Street): * 138th Street/Grand Concourse (Dives into a new Upper or Lower Level) *3rd Avenue/149th Street (Turns onto Brook/3rd Avenues) *163rd Street [Bx6] * 168th Street [Bx35] *Claremont Parkway [Bx11] *E Tremont Av [Bx40] [Bx42] * 180th Street (Turns to Webster Avenue) *Fordham Rd [Bx12 SBS] *Bedford Park Blvd *204th Street ( comes out of tunnel and Turns to connect with the LL at Gun Hill Rd.) *Gun Hill Road Select trains continue to Neried Avenue Any thoughts?
  10. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Its not entirety impossible, technically speaking, but you'd have to build a new tunnel to connect with the Second Avenue Line just before Lexington-63rd, though a Canal Flip would help just as much in this situation (though the only difference would be the Express/Local arrangement which shouldn't be too major since the in your map is being sent to Euclid).
  11. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Nice map! If I'm not mistaken, you incorperated the Canal Flip into this. Not gonna lie that's kind of genius. People would get upset if you put the and local in Broadway, but at least they're still express on 4th Avenue, and Broadway is Deinterlined. What I find confusing is that you have the and doing skip-stop in Brooklyn. Why keep it when you can extend the Thrid Track to at least Cypress Hills or Woodhaven Blvd? Then you wouldn't need skip stop at all! I see that you have the and using the Bypass. It's best to leave Port Washington be handled thorugh Regional Rail. As for the , I'm not sure what to say at all......... I don't think a tunnel can be built to connect SAS and 53rd Street (just saying) but I see how you made the the primary QB Local. All I can say Is "Interesting." Preferably, I'd go witht he following: - QB Express to Jamica Center - QB Express/Local to 179 - (I'd probably not use but) QB Local to FHills or Jewel Av - QB Local to Jewel Av or RBB to JFK or - QB Local to FHills. ( If you can manage TPH correctly, then you don't need 2 services going up Astoria) (I'll draw out my own version of this later)
  12. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    Yes please! I'm better at learning things visually so that'd be helpful In other words, the way we designed SAS for today is exclusively for the Broadway Express, am I correct?
  13. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

  14. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street Tunnels Closure

    From the conclusion that I can think of, this would be the plan (starting with the SAS-Manhattan Bridge proposal - Bedford Pk/145 - Metro - 205-Bway Jct or Jamaica - Essex - Bay Ridge - 125/72 - Coney Island via West End or Brighton Secondary SAS service does similar route. But possibly starting in Queens. - Astoria - Euclid allowing trains to go to lefferts. (And under the SAS-Nassau option) - 125/72 - Bay Ridge or Chambers Secondary SAS route does similar route stays as is (Maybe Jamaica-Essex or routed up 6th Avenue.) Astoria - Euclid. I'm still a little bit confused by what you're sayin though
  15. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Hello From NY

    Welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay.


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