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  1. At the rate were going, I feel like a majority of people will eventually stop riding all together. I wonder what it's going to take for the management team to realize that they've been doing it all wrong
  2. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Cause why not?
  3. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    Hey, what are the potential possiblities of a Transit Hub at Woodhaven/Queens Blvds?, I'm trying to come up with a proposal that integregate's the area around it and to give better transit service for the area. All I have in mind Right now is connecting this transit hub with the QCM to create some type of mega building of some sort.
  4. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    "7 years for hitting a MTA employee?" They didn't care...

    Ok. The point I was trying to get to was that if these criminals don't care now, then look for a way to MAKE THEM CARE!! Though doing such a thing would be difficult. I feel like body camera's won't be enough to stop them.
  5. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    K train.

    No, and this topic didn't need a thread for itself. Keep things like these in the end Random Thoughts thread. Though to answer your question, there are no plans to Bring back the as it is unneeded and we have the
  6. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    "7 years for hitting a MTA employee?" They didn't care...

    Well if that's the case, then why not increase the prison sentence to 35-40 years. (Or if justified, give 'em a life sentence) just my thoughts. What these passengers did to that conductor was beyond disgraceful. Another thing is that they completely lacked on logical senses
  7. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    R68 (D) Train To Washington Heights-168th Street

    Hey, this follows up with a proposal I made a while back. Anyways, nice pictures
  8. Here's an R68A and if you look carefully, the rollsign say Forest Hills-71 Av Here's an outside view of 36th Avenue Station here's an R68 or R68A train (don't remember which one) as you can see, the symbol got shaded in the wrong shade as opposed to here Outlook of 30th Avenue station towards Astoria-Ditmars Blvd Here's a view of 30th Avenue staion (I did not do the same for 36th Avenue)] and last but not least A random picture of the Q18. Any thoughts or opinion's?
  9. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    New Proposal for all of you Lenox-Jerome connection: The Junction between 135th Street and 145th Street is rebuilt to allow for better switching on the and lines. 135th Street station is rebuilt with 2 island platforms since it already has 3 tracks. New interlockings are connected North of the Station and a 145th Street Lower level is built with FULL Side platforms, this would be for the train. One of the tubes used by the train would have to be reconstructed under this project. As for the train, new tunnels would go into the Bronx and 161 Street-Yankees Stadium would have to be partially rebuilt, along with Jerome Avenue in which new tracks will be built in place of the old 9th Avenue EL trackbed spur to allow for trails to connect to the during rush hours. Other times, the would terminate at Yankee Stadium. Any thoughts?
  10. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    go ahead, no one's stopping you
  11. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That's the last day of my internship. I'll take the all of Next week, Though the others are right about you lacking proof
  12. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    Has a pinned thread ever been locked before? (just wondering if such a thing is possible)
  13. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    LIRR to Lengthen Platforms at Forest Hills and Kew Gardens

    These platforms should be extended to accommodate the length of a full train PLUS increased headways. Now that would be effective
  14. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Intermodel bus terminal for Main St/Roosevelt Av.

    I proposed that a while back That was the drawback of the proposal I made a while ago. To be honest, I think a bus terminal for Flushing would be beneficial, but the placement of where this terminal would be is challenging, considering how crowded Main Street is, you'd probably have to tear down the sorrounding buildings to make a MEGA Building containing a bus terminal in it along with connections to the and LIRR (As if a bus terminal, a transit hub, and a mall combined in one building) and boy will I tell you, the community will shoot this idea down the minute they hear this.
  15. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I have a new proposal for all of you. Rebuilding the Franklin Avenue Shuttle along with Franklin Station on the and . Botanic Garden Station is extended to be 480-600' and north of it, the Shuttle becomes burried. The hard part is to build either side platforms or an island Platform above or below Franklin Avenue station on the at Fulton Street. Once that is complete, the new south bound track goes underneath the current crosstown tracks to connect with the at Bedford Nostrand while the Northbound track just turns to meet up with the . A third track is built at Classon Avenue in case of anything. The whole purpose of this is to connect the Crosstown line with the Brighton line. Also, I don't think this is Feasible, but adding a new switch before Ocean Parkway seems important to me for some reason, the expensive alternative to this would be to make Ocean Parkway, a Bi-Level station, with the express tracks in the upper level with an island platform, and a lower level platform (existing) with Local tracks, a huge island platform (with elevators to make the station ADA accessible) and New Relay tracks where the trackbed currently stands. Any thoughts about this?


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