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  1. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    you can say that again. I deal with the sometimes in Queens. And I'm pretty sure that everyone knows here that on weekends, its Unbearable! 30 minute headways sounds like and is a joke to the average NYer! I try to avoid it whenever possible, but if I do feel like taking it, then I won't stay on it for long. Once, I had to take the from Cortlandt Street to 67th Avenue cause it was a direct route for where I needed to go at that time, I regret making that decision.
  2. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    I'd like to say that this proposal is rather Interesting to say the very least, but it leaves a few unanswered Questions in my opinion. What happens to the 6th Avenue Express under the plan that you reconnect the Manhattan Bridge to the Nassau Loop? Wouldn't Chambers Street Need some sort of infrastructure upgrade in order to accommodate this New Service Change?
  3. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Like I said, the main reason I have the being extended is to give it a better terminal, Court Square does a good job at turning trains now, but I don't feel like that's going to be the case for long considering that this city has some weird obsession with the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront. (And I don't agree with a Queensboro Plaza/21st Street extension either since that requires a bunch of Infrastructure changes, not to mention underpinning the Streets, EL Platforms and the Train Platforms. Just imagine how expensive that'd be!) By extending it to Northern Boulevard, we'd have a bit more Flexibility in our hands and what kind of service patterns we'd be able to plan coming from/going to Manhattan.
  4. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    If we’re going to talk about train splits, then I’d prefer to run some Bankers Special type of Service (From 95th to Essex). and service could terminate at Whitehall with some Rush Hour trains heading to Bay Ridge/via Sea Beach. Either way, in order for a split like this to work, Nassau is going to have to play a role here and the following would have to happen in order for a service split like this to work: • Broadway would have to be deinterlined (This has been pretty much discussed to death but it’s worth noting for this thread) - 96-Coney Island Bus Sea Beach/Brighton - Astoria/FH to Whitehall (assuming that we don’t deinterline Queens in this scenario and that the Broadway Local tracks run at Max Capacity) Some Rush Hour Trains would run via Sea Beach for yard access, not to mention City Hall would have to open its lower level for part time access. • Nassau would need Infrastructure upgrades. I’m looking at Essex (station expansion) Bowery (rebuild+Transfer to Grand Street ), Canal (Station Expansion, especially the platforms) and Chambers (overall rehab and a bit of reconstruction with the junctions on both ends of the station) We did, it was the Bankers Special, it failed due to low ridership.
  5. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    New Proposal: I’m not open to the idea of Making a subway on Northen Boulevard but since there is High Ridership on the line, and is in need of a Relief, here are my thoughts: Under the scenario that the Q66 (being converted to SBS) and the Atlantic Ticket are not sufficient enough to relive the crowds on the (Which is something that will happen in my opinion) a Northern Boulevard Subway would be justified. (Short Term) If we were to build Norrhern Boulevard as a Trunk, then the 63rd Street Tunnel and the Crosstown Line/Queens Plaza Local Tracks should be Used in my opinion. (This would also Help with Deinterlining QBL as well) Tunnel Spurs would run Underneath Sunnyside Yards for simplicity and to not underpin any tunnels. Stops: Broadway - Local ; SAS 64/69th Street - 72nd Street- 81st Street - 90th Street- (Either Junction Blvd Or 108th Street could be the Express stop before a potential LaGuardia Spur can be built.) Junction Blvd- SAS , connection to the Q72 to LaGuardia 108th Street- (Spur to LaGuardia Airport, College Point or Continue down Northern Blvd if warranted, but for now, Let’s Simplify this) Main Street - ( ) SAS Parsons Blvd/132nd Street - SAS Willets Point Blvd - SAS 20th Avenue - SAS 14th Avenue - SAS One disclaimer before I close off, the reason I have the extended here is so that it can have a better terminal than compared to now. Any thoughts or comments about this proposal?
  6. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    @T to Dyre Avenue judging by your statement above, would you be open to the idea of reallocating BQX funds to Create a Relief of Some sort for the ? (this could include Atlantic Ticket for the PW Branch, Q66SBS, Northern Blvd Subway, Or even a way to expand the BQX Streetcar into a System which works similar to SBS/BRT)
  7. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Queens Division Bus Proposals/Ideas

    I decided to put my Queens redesign Project to rest (for now), but that aside, I thought of a new proposal that could serve as some mini relief for the line in its LIC/Manhattan Portion. I call it the Q92. It will Run from Queensboro Plaza to 11th Avenue-42nd Street via the M42. Stops (with Subway Connections): 27th Avenue (First Stop W/B)/Queens Plaza South (Last Stop E/B) - 43rd Avenue/23rd Street 23rd Street/Jackson Avenue - 21st Street/Jackson Avenue - 21st Street/49th Avenue - , LIRR (Q92 crosses Queens Mitown Tunnel) 38th Street (3rd Avenue W/B) (2nd Avenue E/B) 3rd Avenue/42nd Street Grand Central Terminal/Vanderbilt Avenue - MNRR 6th Avenue/42nd Street - 42nd Street/7th Avenue - 42nd Street/8th Avenue - 42nd Street/10th Avenue 42nd Street/11th Avenue 42nd Street Pier/12th Avenue (This is where buses will loop) One thing that is clear is that in order for a proposal like this to work, Congestion Pricing would have to happen in addition to a bus redesign in Manhattan. The Main purpose of this route is to provide a little bit of relief for the Line in its LIC/Manhattan Portion of its route. Other routes and Lines (Such as the LIRR and Q66) would provide relief to other parts of the Line. If ridership warrants it, then the Q92 can be extended up 31st Avenue, taking the role that the Q102 (and shuttle Buses when the Astoria Line is Shutdown) currently Serve. Any thoughts?
  8. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Ok thanks. I was just wondering cause I don’t think a local bus route ever use the Brooklyn Battery or Queens midtown Tunnels before
  9. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Are Local Buses and Artic's allowed to enter underwater tunnels in NYC, just curious to know
  10. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    De Blasio wants streetcar line on Brooklyn-Queens waterfront

    Apologies for bumping this thread but I’d like to share my thoughts on the BQX project (again). Here are the Facts: • A Streetcar is proposed by DeBlasio (and his administration if I’m not mistaken) to run from Astoria to Red Hook from the Queens and Brooklyn Waterfronts • $7.2 Million is a waste for a Streetcar that has been Shortened. We know that. • That Money can be better allocated on other projects that would prove to be more productive. Here are my opinions: • I’m not sure if this is a fact or if it’s just me, but I feel like the city has some weird obsession with the Brooklyn Queens Waterfront. I would understand why because of how appealing it is and the (potential) development that it has, not to mention money. • The BQX is a waste. We have the train, which somewhat parallels the BQX. We also have the Q69/Q100 LTD, The B32/B62 and the B61/B57. Better Alternatives: • The most obvious one is to make upgrades along the line. Extending it to at least 480’ in Train length. Increased service/ Reduced Headway’s. ADA accessibility along all stops. Etc. • We can also consider the option of adding bus lanes along 21st Street along with Extending the Q69 down to Greenpoint Avenue/Kent Street via 44th Drive and 11th Street/McGuiness Blvd. May not be as effective, but it could give Astoria/LIC Riders along 21st Street more options, as well as serving as an alternative to the north of Greenpoint Avenue. I propose this because I have some criticism against @RR503‘s Train extension. Which I’ll elaborate on in a different post. • The last Alternative would be some tweaks in Brooklyn Bus Service. Examples would include some service increases or potential reroutes in B32, B57, B61, and B62 Service. Maybe even a revival of B71 service. I won’t go in depth with this because I don’t know the Brooklyn Bus Network that well. Maybe any Brooklynites (or any former Brooklynites on here) can shed more light on this topic.
  11. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Routes that should have never moved or stayed

    Welp, looks like I misinterpreted what was being said. I do have to agree with you on the part of the Bridge at Gand Avenue. I’ve ridden the Q59 on an Occasional Basis, and boy that Bridges looks like it’s unable to handle the traffic that it does today. If anything, I think that area between Queens and Brooklyn should get a few infrastructure upgrades while remaining Industrial!
  12. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Ideas to Alleviate Severe 7 Train Overcrowding

    For a City that has had influence on many others in the past, I’d consider that some very Backwatds Logic. Heck, it’s almost as if since 1975, NY has completely lost its sense of Logic when it comes to Transit. And that’s a problem. A huge problem
  13. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Routes that should have never moved or stayed

    Everytime I look into this thread, I see that most of y'all are Complaining that Grand Avenue is the Source of Unreliability for Most routes on here. (the only ones I'm aware of that come out of that Depot are the Q58, Q59, and B38). Could it be that the location of Grand Avenue Depot was poorly placed?
  14. LaGuardia Link N Tra

    Select Bus Service Planning

    Yes, I don't know bus models too well. But to describe what I'm trying to say, here's a picture that was taken by non other than me


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