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  1. My apologies for the double post but not EVERY area in the city needs rail service. ... wait, I misunderstood, but still.
  2. I mean.... If you wanted to improve Transit on Roosevelt Island, they have their own bus service. In addition, if you don’t think that the current bus routes are sufficient enough, why not work on a bus redesign as opposed to coming up with so many Light Rail and Streetcar lines?
  3. If that's the case, couldn't we do a Queens Bypass without adding SAS into the mix? The following arrangement with our current system would be the following: All Service can be booted to the Queens Bypass and continue Local to 179th at 18 or 20 TPH. Service can be bumped to 63rd Street and serve QB Local from there at 8 TPH, this would enforce a merge between the and , but this should have Minimal Impact. Service can remain the same with 10 TPH, until a 57th Street Line or some new Queens-Manhattan Link is built. Service (assuming you de-interline CPW with the EXP-LCL Arrangement) can be doubled to run 30 TPH, becoming a pure Express Service with branches at Jamaica-179th (18 TPH) and Jamaica Center (12 TPH). I think this arrangement for the would better warrant a Hillside Extension to Queens Village. As for Bypass Stops, I'd do it a little bit different from your arrangement, I'd personally choose Sunnyside to be my first stop as part of the plan that the City and Amtrak have planned, then Woodside for the connection with the . (I'm unsure on how there would even be space, or if space can even be made to accommodate a stop at Woodside). Rego Park (near Woodhaven Blvd). Last but not least, Forest Hills with a new lower level. I think that's 3 new stops total with 1 Station Expansion.
  4. I was looking through the RPA's website and happened to stumble along an old proposal of theirs to build Jamaica Center. I currently looking into it at a Critical Level, but what I can say is that the content I found in here so far is actually pretty amazing. http://library.rpa.org/pdf/RPA-Plan2-Jamaica-Center.pdf
  5. So I was looking through RPA's website, and I found this old plan for Jamaica Center regarding the 2nd Regional Plan. I'll have to look into it in greater detail later, but what I gotta say is that this is pretty cool: http://library.rpa.org/pdf/RPA-Plan2-Jamaica-Center.pdf
  6. It was I who proposed sending the up 10th Avenue and 57th Street to Queens Plaza, and then I had it go Local to Forest Hills with a Jewel Avenue Branch, booting the and to the bypass while the would have 8th-53rd-QB Express to itself.
  7. That is a fact. And also very annoying. Whenever I’m headed to Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn, I sometimes have to backtrack to Forest Hills just to avoid the crowd at Roosevelt (and hopefully get a seat).
  8. Light Rail, Streetcars, Trams and Trolleys all technically count as the same thing. Now while there are notable differences between the modes, they’re all some type of surface transit.
  9. Alright, I see where you're going with this. Here's a map I made in correlation to my proposal: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19Jnq2x1JojRdkSn2efIeKIqvyXmscYn6&usp=sharing
  10. These underserved areas that you speak of are mostly industrial areas with few people living in said areas (with the exception of North/Southeast Queens, Flatbush and whatever is happening in the Bronx). Therefore, bus service better serves the needs of the people living in those underserved areas. Also, no disrespect but I will also bandwagon onto the fact that the way you post some of your proposals at random derail the conversation at hand, and its kinda getting annoying. Personally the only areas that I think would benefit from a LRT/Streetcar would be Main Street, Fordham/Pelham Bay, and Red Hook. Before I forget. I saw you map with the relief streetcar on it. Why not have it run on Northern Blvd between Sunnyside and Main Street instead of the lineup that you proposed? And wouldn't it make sense for that line to follow the current Q32 route in Manhattan as opposed to sending it uptown? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now back to the discussion at hand, with De-interlining Queens and whatnot, I noticed how many people on the Forums seems to have conflicting views as to how it should go with our existing infrastructure. While I'm personally on the side of doing 8th-53-QB Local/6th-63-QB Express. I did think of an extension that would help resolve this debate, which I will quote here: While I didn't mention it, the alternative to a Queens bypass service would be to send either of them (or both) up Northern Blvd. (Though that would create a bottleneck which is what my plan focused on reducing as much as possible) Personally, I wouldn't go out and about building express tracks along the Canarsie Line as there is no space to do so. My Canarsie-"Manhattan Cup"-QBL-Jewel Avenue line is dubbed as the "", mainly because a rollsign existed (for the R110B) featuring a Grey- bullet. If a short-turn Terminal needed to be created along this Extension that I'm proposing, I'd choose 42nd Street-10th Avenue to be the main candidate because a transfer could potentially be built with the there.
  11. Bombardier got bought by Alstom. 6347 was BURNT to the point of damages beyond repair. SO its mostly likely getting scrapped. I'd expect the other cars from that set to be salvaged for parts
  12. I just thought of an idea since we're on the topic of Queens Blvd. **The CBTC Technology on the Should be upgraded to allow compatibility with Mainline B Division lines such as 8th Avenue and Queens Blvd** Trains make a Cup-Holder extension around Manhattan Up 10th Avenue and 57th Street. After 3rd Avenue-57th Street, it will go under a new tunnel into Queens and replace both the and Trains on Queens Blvd to Forest Hills. Service will be extended to 10 cars and will run 26 TPH. If possible, a service split could be done within the line to allow for a new service up Jewel Avenue. Atlantic Avenue would be upgraded to allow for potential Short turn runs. Trains will have the Express Tracks along QB to itself. WTC Terminal will be upgraded so that it can turn up to 30 TPH. Trains will run from Queens Village on Hillside Avenue and run Express into Manhattan. Alternative here is to have those trains replace the and on the Express Tracks; creating a super long route. and Trains will now use the Queens Bypass. The will run 18 TPH to Jamaica-179th and Trains will run 12 TPH to Jamaica Center. Service would be extended to 10 cars.
  13. Since this discussion was mostly about De-Interlining, I just came up with an Expansion Plan that focuses on a De-Interlined System. Its important to note that I will only include the subway system in this map to reduce confusion: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19Jnq2x1JojRdkSn2efIeKIqvyXmscYn6&usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19ZzqrVDJgX6K9iOrYUsRmE9ZrtUFm5jzA3L9B_2434w/edit?usp=sharing
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