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  1. Concourse and Coney Island Yards AFAIK, take pretty good care of the R68/R68A fleet. Also, sorry to hear that you don’t like the 68’s on the but it is what it is. You also have to remember that while many people may or may not like the SMEE’s (46’s and 68’s) on the , all they care about at the end of the day is that they get from point A to Point B without any issues. And while changing the rollsigns does increase dwell times at Ditmars, it wouldn’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things because the rollsigns are right next to each other. Now don’t even get me started on the layout of the interlockings between Astoria Blvd and Ditmars, that’s a different discussion for a different day. Now for the part I listed in Bold, 8th Avenue is scheduled to receive CBTC Upgrades between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and Jay Street-MetroTech right after Queens Blvd which you can read here: https://www.mta.info/press-release/nyc-transit/mta-moves-forward-signal-modernization-eighth-avenue-ace-line However, because of the pandemic and the budget deficit that the faces (which I personally find to be BS given that they manage to find money for other things) CBTC along 8th Avenue seems to be delayed at the moment. Now personally, I think that Pitkin and 207th should replace every last 46 sitting in those yards, and if there happen to be any surplus sets from the base order, then I’d say send the rest to CIY. I’m not going to mention the Option orders because it’s currently unclear if the will go through with them.
  2. You see the thing is, there are a handful of factors that you need to take into consideration 1. Politics - there are a handful of political factors behind this. Also, given there there are regulations (such as the Environmental Studies and whatnot) that dictate how the line can be constructed, which also inflates the cost of the project. To add insult to the injury, Governor Cuomo would like for the stations to be fancy and have full mezzanines. 2. Given that you seem to be new here, allow me to surprise you with the fact that the is more of a business and real estate corporation who just so happen to manage and operate the Subway, Bus and Commuter Rail network. I’m pretty sure that others here on the forums can elaborate on this point that I just made, so let that sink in. 3. Contractors - The has a history of (how do I put this?) ...hiring contractors who aren’t the most reliable. Can’t name any off the top. Of my head but if you need any examples of what I mean, look at 23rd Street on the and . The amount of time it took (or is taking) to build SAS, the extension and East Side Access. Under an ideal world, $4.5 Billion should’ve given us all 4 Phases of SAS with a 4 track section between 72nd Street and 42nd Street Stations, potential branches from 23rd Street (for alphabet City) and to the Bronx and a cross platform transfer from Grand Street. But alas, I’m only describing a fantasy here. And one last note, I notice that you seem to be repeating a bias that you have as to which equipment should go where. That bias in question being that the and should get the 160’s back from Jamaica once the 211’s arrive. On behalf of everyone here, we understood you the first time, no need to repeat your statement 7-10 times.
  3. https://www.vanshnookenraggen.com/_index/2021/01/ind-second-system-track-map/ This is the map that @Lawrence St is referring to. The Train proposal that they’re referencing here is listed at the “9th Avenue EL Replacement”
  4. Its sad how the 1968 Program for Action didn't happened as envisoned, given how intriuging it was. Under an ideal world, $4.5 Billion should've accounted for all 4 Phases of the current SAS with a 4 track section between at least 72nd Street and 42nd Street Stations. Not to mention a Bronx extension. But things changed between 1968 and 2021. An LIE Subway would be pretty nice not gonna lie. I think that this proposal shows how we really need to rethink our road networks. It would've actually have been the other way around. to Lareulton (with a new layup Yard where Railroad Park now sits) and the to Hollis. The QBL bypass is a proposal that would be nice. It'd be easier in the to create some rapid transit hybrid service with inner LIRR services. THough interestingly enough, this proposal was brought up briefly in the Sunnyside Yards Redevelopment Plan. https://api.sunnysideyard.nyc/sites/default/files/2020-03/200302_SSY_MPH_Executive Summary_0.pdf. Although with certain rules put forth by the FRA, I don't think this proposal would look the same as originally concevied.
  5. For a minute, I thought the master control was set on the left side (given that I’m a lefty IRL, this would’ve been nice if I ever chose to be a T/O). But keeping it in the middle makes more sense. Now on the overall cab itself, it looks really nice, with the 2 screens (CBTC monitor). Also heard there’s a security camera in the cab but IDRK for sure. It’d be nice to catch foamers who like breaking the law, but I’m not sure how T/O’s would feel about it. Now on the overall design on the rest of the train, the FIND is a huge visual upgrade over that of the 160’s. The LED screen on the side of the Exterior looks a bit weird IMO given the large size of the text. I wonder how/if it’ll be used to describe reroutes/G.O.’s. The face of the train is kinda interesting as well. Reminds me of the facial designs of the Tube and that other train running on the Orange Line? over at the MBTA.
  6. So you mean, like going into the history and logistics and whatnot behind proposals like the IND Program For Action, 1968 Program For Action, One off proposals put forth by government officials, etc.?
  7. Wouldn't this basically be the proposals thread? Or would that discussion be limited to Official Plans put forth by the , NYCTA, the City, State, etc.?
  8. I’ll respond to all parts of your post in the order that you listed them: List of Stations - I understand what you mean by reducing the number of stops. I guess 181st would be a better connection since the Bx36 runs along East 180th Street. Pretty sure another bus runs along that corridor. Don’t remember cause I haven’t been to the Bronx in 5 months. The reason I chose the as opposed to some SAS route was because I have something else in mind for SAS. Happened to make a visualized map of the 1968 Program for Action (which you can see in the previous page or 2 of this thread) and drew the as the Park Avenue line given that SAS was planned to replace the IRT along Dyre and Pelham (north of Hunts Point Avenue). Thus I wanted to leave room for an SAS Bronx extension that could potentially serve an underserved area like Throggs Neck. TBH I’d prefer that over some B Division Pelham replacement. As for branching off 138th, I am proposing tunnels that would bypass 149/Grand Concourse so that would put the current (S-Curve) tunnels out of service. These new tunnels would obviously be wider than the current ones. For the part in bold here - No. For one, if we were to abandon 145th and 148th, that section of Harlem would only be left with bus service and I don’t think that’ll bode well with Harlem Riders. Secondly, while I did support the idea of sending all 7th Avenue Trains to WPR (which still happens in this proposal) and all Lexington Trains up Jerome, that would require a massive expansion of the 149th/Grand Concourse Station to deal with that potential transfer load. Also, while Jerome Avenue could use better service, I don’t think duplicating services would be a good idea. Especially when you have the and under Grand Concourse a few blocks away. With White Plains Road, its different because trains Branch out after East 180th Street whereas Jerome doesn’t have that Luxury. With a (cross platform) Transfer under 3rd Avenue-149th Street, it at least WPR Riders will still have access to Lexington if they choose not to transfer at 149th-Grand Concourse. A Fordham Subway would provide very nice crosstown service for the Bronx, however the problem lMO lies in the geography between Crane Concourse and the University Heights Bridge. For starters, individual transfer stations with the under Jerome and the at Grand Concourse would be too close to each other, and even if you were to build a mega transfer station in that area, it wouldn’t be a desirable place to transfer given that Fordham Road makes a sharp turn between Jerome Avenue and Grand Concourse, and a few sharp turns between Jerome and the University Heights Bridge. You also have to take into account that the area I listed is somewhat of a mountainous region so taking that into account along with the sharp curves, wouldn’t make building a subway desirable. Finally, I have to mention 207th Street. 207th Street is on the opposite end of the University Heights Bridge facing west. And As far as I know, the tunnels that connect the and with 207th Street yard are under 207th. Meaning that a Fordham Subway would have to run beneath those tracks to terminate at Inwood with the , and that would be DEEP. While not impossible, I don’t find building a subway across Fordham Road to be a desirable choice due to geographical reasons. A streetcar or LRT is more plausible for Fordham Road IMO.
  9. So I thought of a proposal that gives 3rd Avenue a long awaited EL replacement (assuming that demand for 1 still exists) while simultaneously reducing the amount of reverse branching that occurs in the Bronx. How about sending the up via 3rd Avenue to Fordham Plaza. Stops (going south) are the following. Fordham Plaza - Transfer to MNRR, Bx12+, Bx15+ 183rd Street Tremont Avenue Clearmont Parkway 169th Street Melrose/Boston Road 156th Street (placed either under Saint Anns Avenue or Brook Avenue) Once the 3rd Avenue Subway (or in this case) reaches 3rd Avenue-149th Street, two options will be proposed: Option 1 - Shallow 3rd Avenue-149th Street. This option would expand 149th Street to 4 tracks and convert the side platforms to Island platforms to allow for a Cross transfer between the (which would replace the on Dyre in this proposal) and . West of the station, new X-Over switches will be built to allow for operational flexibility in case of a delay. This however, might make the S-Curve at 149th Street Junction obsolete. Having the 3rd Avenue EL swing under Brook Avenue after Melrose would be preferable for this option. Note that the will head straight to 138th under both options. Option 2 - Deep 3rd Avenue-149th Street Option. Just like the SAS proposal for Grand Street, the could have a new station and platform underneath the existing station before heading straight to 138th. This would reduce the amount of curves that are made with the running under Saint Anns Avenue after Melrose/Boston Road. In addition, a new Harlem shuttle can be added between 135th and 148th. Which would require expanding 135th. Benefits: 3rd Avenue Finally gets a long awaited Subway Replacement Reverse Branching is reduced on the Bronx End of the IRT Service along the East 180th Junction can be simplified since it’ll just be serving 7th Avenue Services (Shallow 3rd Av-149th) allows for Operational Flexibility. 149th Street-Grand Concourse gets some relief as there will be 2 7th/Lexington Transfer stations instead of 1. Downfalls: WPR and Dyre Avenue Loses direct Lexington Service. Construction could take a while given ’s recent track record. Which raises the question: Would it be cheaper or more effective if a 3rd Party Organization were to build this 3rd Avenue replacement?
  10. Wow, I had to go back and reread that thread. Looking back, I see how much I have changed when it comes to posting ideas since I first posted that thread. As much as I’d love to see the RBB be reactivated for rail service (don’t even care if they choose Subway/LIRR anymore), I think I’m getting a better understanding of why its not simple to do so given the costs and politics behind it. If the city could at the very least clean up the Right of Way to allow for the provision of either a rail or trail line, I’d be content with that. But that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Also, Don’t know how I managed to get that thread to be 34 pages long, but somehow I did that... Now, I’m no expert when it comes to the Brooklyn Bus Network (that’s mainly cause I was live in Queens), and taken into consideration that everyone else has said further up the thread but 1. the B15 is already long enough as is, I’m not sure about the B83 and B6 since I don’t live in Brooklyn. 2. What is the rationale behind this route? Are you proposing the idea just for the fun of it?
  11. Unless there was a news source attached in relation to the line, I don’t see why this deserved its own thread? I’d redirect this here:
  12. 1. Yes. The flying junction was a part of the plan, I just decided to display an express service using it. Whatever service would’ve ran up there would be anyone’s guess at this point. 2. Nope. The original plan was supposed to have a stop at 99th Street. Junction Blvd would be too close to Woodhaven Blvd and while I agree with having a stop on 108th Street, I don’t know why it wasn’t considered, maybe it would’ve been too close to 99th.
  13. In the map, I have it displayed as running Express. But its anyones guess as to how that would've turned out had the LIE Proposal gotten to the construction stage
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