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Your Favorite Bus Terminal

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New York



  1. Williamsburg Bridge,
  2. Stillwell Av Terminal
  3. Canarsie-Rockaway Parkway (L).




  1. Orchard Beach Bus Terminal
  2. Fordham Plaza
  3. Pelham Bay Park (6)<6> (not exactly bus terminal




  1. George Washington Bridge Bus Station
  2. Port Authority Bus Terminal
  3. Penn Station (not exactly bus stop
  4. New Century Travel Bus Station




  1. Victor Moore Bus Terminal- 74th St Bus Terminal
  2. Jamaica-165th St Bus Terminal
  3. Queens Village Station
  4. LaGuardia Airport
  5. JFK Airport
  6. Staten Island:
  7. St. George Bus Terminal
  8. Eltingville Transit Center
  9. Staten Island Mall



Nassau County:


  1. Roosevelt Field Mall
  2. Hicksville Station
  3. Long Beach Station
  4. Freeport Station
  5. Rosa Park Hempstead Transit Center
  6. Broadway Mall



Suffolk County:


  1. Patchogue Station
  2. Walt Whitman Mall
  3. Smith Haven Mall



Westchester County:


  1. White Plains TransCenter
  2. New Rochelle Intermedial Transit Center
  3. Tarrytown Station
  4. Westchester County Airport



Rockland County


  1. Palisade Mall Bus Shelter
  2. Spring Valley Transit Center
  3. Suffern Bus Stop



New Jersey


  1. Newark Penn Station- both bus lanes
  2. 34th St Hudson-Bergen Lightrail
  3. Hoboken Bus Station
  4. Walter Cadman Transportation Center
  5. Irvington Bus Terminal
  6. Forgot name of mall that I went with TTMG.



Philadelphia, PA


  1. Franfkord Transit Center
  2. 69th St Terminal
  3. Junius St Station (Trolley)


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PABT is amazing, if not a bit dated.


Hoboken Terminal is very neat because it's literally a bus terminal next to a rail terminal!


Newark Penn has bus lanes, but isn't a terminal as such, but i still find it amazing that it sits directly under the elevated station structure.


- A

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Which bus terminal(s) do you like?


Port Authority Bus Terminal

George Washington Bridge Bus Station

Saint George

165th Street Bus Teminal

Journal Square Transpotation Center

Newark Penn Station (Bus Lanes)

Walter Rand Transportation Center

Frankford Transportation Center



Walter Rand and Journal Square are nice. The Port Authority Bus Terminal is disgusting. The Greyhound terminal in DC is even worse.

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The Philadelphia Greyhound Station/Terminal is at 1001 Filbert Street in Center City. It also serves Martz Trailways to Scranton and Wilkes-Barre, Susquehanna Trailways to Sunbury and Shamokin (and other points) and Capitol Trailways to Reading (and other points). (NJT)'s #313, 315 317 and 551 and seasonal 316 and 318 stop there.

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PABT obviously is first although it's not nearly as interesting as it used to be.


Some of my other favs include:


Still like 165th Street Terminal

Newark Penn Station

Journal Square Transit Center

White Plains TransiCenter

Frankford Terminal

Market Street in Center City

Union Station - Los Angeles

Silver Spring Metro Station (Maryland)

Pentagon Transit Center

Five Points (Atlanta)

Kuhio Ave (Waikiki, Honolulu)

In Chicago there were many, but I especially enjoyed MDW.

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I was gonna comment on all the terminals Yuki listed, but... I change my mind... lol....



anyway.... for me, I guess it's:



Williamsburg Bridge Plaza, Kings Plaza (too bad the Q35 can't directly serve it)



Fordham Plaza, Westchester Square, Rikers Island



74th St Bus Terminal, LIRR QV, Far Rockaway/Mott av [A], Jamaica ctr (parsons/archer), Fort Totten


Staten Island:

Saint George Ferry terminal, Eltingville Transit Center



Hempstead Transit Center, Mineola Intermodal Center, LIRR Great Neck



TransCenter (white plains), New Rochelle Intermodal Center



Spring Valley Transit Center




final note...

yuki (and to anyone agrees w/ palisades mall)


palisades mall, as huge as that damn mall is, has to have the WORST bus terminal for as many ppl. that use it, daily... too many people in that cramped space, it's only one lane, god help you if 3 or more buses arrive at the same time (with the 2nd, 3rd, etc. bus is the one you need to board), there's no sidewalk whatsoever... and there's only about ____ <---- this much space on the curbside that you can actually walk on, due to the shrubbery in the way to your left, and the very close proximity of the actual bus to your right... and worse, there's no sign of it being an actual bus stop... it can easily be mistaken for a taxi stand, since there are actually taxi's opposite the booth (inside the mall parking lot)....

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At the Palisades they have one tiny bus shelter. People get so desperate that they sit on shopping carts. Roosevelt Field is worst. At least the Palisades bus terminal is right outside of the mall. At Roosevelt Field you have to walk a distance through the parking lot to get to the buses.

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yeah, @ RFM, that's the downside... the terminal is far enough away from the mall (Sunrise mall is just as bad, but anyway)... but at least the stops are designated... hell, there are separate lanes (plural) for buses or w/e... that's the key... more lanes/bays, etc. means a bit more space for passengers to stand, compared to people standing on dirt @ an obscure stop (singular) where several buses stop at.....

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