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(M)/(V) combo will not be going through


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It has been decided that the MTA will not be going through the (M) after all. Instead, the (V) will remain as is, except it will end at 9:30 p.m. instead of midnight, rush hour (M2) trains will terminate at Chambers Street, with every other rush hour (M2) train heading to South Brooklyn (all (M2) evening trains will still head to Broad Street), and the (W), as hoped, will be reduced to a rush hour-only route.


Good news for those who won't have to deal with such detrimental service cuts as they thought. Bad news for those who wanted the new (M) to come to light :P Oh well....

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Can't make up their minds now can they.....

In June again they'll probably have some new cockamamie scheme to save a few more pennies..


It's very tragic, ain't it? :P

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Yep the t/a can't make up there mind! And yeah for April Fools day the are very confused with jokes :P


This sounds nice and all but where's the proof?


(yeah i dont believe anything on April 1st)



will u believe after april 1 at 12:00am april 2nd :P lol

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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