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Questions about the (Q)


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So, today on weekdays, the (Q) uses 24 trains on weekdays for Astoria-Ditmars Blvd from Mon-Fri 6AM-12AM.


I was wondering if it uses the same 24 trains on weekends Sat-Sun .


Hi, Calvin. I will answer your question. The (Q) will use less train sets on weekends, how many I don't know to be exact, since the route is shorter. (not running between Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard and 57th Street)

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Weekends are always lower, so no need for this thread, and Sunday is killer low, just put it that way, good early morning...


Actually the (Q) used to run more frequently on weekends except during rush hour.It would run every 8 min on weekends midday vs. 10 min on weekday middays.

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