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Cell Phone Call From '1-800-000-0611'

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If you haven't received a cell phone call from '1-800-000-0611' yet, please be careful if you do.

I don't think it's legitimate. An automated voice claims, for security reasons, your cell phone account has been flagged and begins by asking for your PIN number.

I tried calling it back but at least on Verizon Cellular you can't. Nor can you through Qwest.

It seems to be getting bad with the phising, scam, and spam.

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Its called Caller ID spoofing and anyone can do you. There are even websites out there that let you buy a subscriptiion or minutes so you can change your caller ID to anything you want it to say when you call someone. THis has been around for years.. The problem is with scammers like this that try to steal your money or cell phone pins etc..

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Be very careful if you try to redial anything with these area codes, while they may seem like regular phone numbers, they are International calls and you will be charged very high rates for dialing them.


284(British Virgin Islands)




345(Cayman Islands)


670(Northern Mariana Islands)

758(St. Lucia)

787(Puerto Rico)


809(Dominican Republic)

869(St. Kitts & Nevis)

868(Trinidad & Tobago)


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