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Only in New Jersey would a cop do this LOL


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If only MORE cops would do that!


Recently there has been this thing going on with people driving in the left or center lanes below the posted speed limits and it screws up the flows on the highways. Too many people play this "I'm gonna slow down traffic" game and it causes way more problems than it solves

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I've actually seen the same thing happen on the Southern State Parkway on Long Island. I asked my friend, a NYS trooper, and my uncle, NYPD retired, a hypothetical question after I saw it. On a 3 lane highway with all cars going AT the speed limit are you allowed to speed up to try to pass the car in the left lane? Both answered in a similar vein. Short answer is NO. The person attempting to pass is guilty of speeding and can be ticketed for speeding and other infractions such as reckless driving or endangerment if the officer feels inclined to do so. The driver in the first car in the left could also be cited because the left lane is supposed to be used for passing only. I've driven through states where you were ticketed for driving in the left lane except when passing. @ Melvin Those troopers in NC don't BS. Hope you didn't have NY plates at the time. What's allowed in NY or NJ on the roads is frowned upon, or worse, elsewhere.

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Those are the people, when I get to maneuvering around them, I honk my horn & either flip em the bird, or curse em out if their window's up..... drivers pull that nonsense to get under peoples skin, or they've gotten pulled over for speeding before & are scared shitless to have it happen again.... if you're gonna drive bi***, drive in the right lane, or better yet:


[NY8 news]"take mass transit"[/NY8 news]....

(why did they change it to channel 8 for anyway... lol)


I can't stand slow walkers; feel like kicking them down a flight of stairs.... multiply that times ten for sunday drivers....


I'm with BZ on this one... more cops need to start flashing the sirens to bully people out of the fast lane....




What's allowed in NY or NJ on the roads is frowned upon, or worse, elsewhere.


Speaking of which...


What the F*** is up w/ all these out-of-state plates in NYC all of a sudden (I aint talkin about just the NJ & CT plates either)... I've been seein a shitload of Maryland, Pennsylvania, & D.C. license plates as of late....


....and before pinepower comes up here w/ his usual shit...

most these ppl. don't be no damn border crossing illegals either....

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I don't know who's more annoying, the guy in the passing lane, or the guy talking over the video.


hah.... I wouldn't know...

Soon as I saw your post, I muted the video !


Thanks for the heads up.




Ditto on the NY8 thing, makes no sense whatsoever. They've been moving some channels around - notably Travel which was on 29, 176~, and now 96. It's nuts.


Agreed about the out of state plates. I've seen a few of SC and Florida plates around.



that's the other one I was tryna remember; I've been seein a lot of north carolina plates .... I see some Florida plates too, but not near as many of them as the ones I mentioned before (+ NC)...



...and the switching of these cablevision channels, I wonder what the (real) motive is.... they advertise that they're adding channels (which aren't worth watching, but that's somethin else), but yet, do a poor job of informing viewers on channel changes....

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Anyone who wants to drive should be required to pass a driving safety class, complete with driving course and classroom time with videos of crashed vehicles & the occupants in hospital. Renewal course every 4 years. The whole idea of a short simple driving test then the person gets a license is what causes this stupidity in the first place. Driving is a privilege to be earned, not a right.


- A

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