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08-27-08: Still Underground Yet We Come Up for Air

Fred G

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Most wonderful pics;)


Thanks! ;)


Nice, i like the last one :)

Thanks, me too.


Great shots, my favorite is the last one.




Awesome again!!!


- (A)


Thanks again!! ;)


Ummmm... lolz?


Great shots BTW. Captured the future of the Jamaica Line.


Thanks, and yeah, jammies :D




I see you really like the R160s on the (J) Fred....


Thanks, Pablo and yeah, they're growing on me :D


Perfect shots of the (J), and the last one looks very cool!


Thanks, Orion! :)

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Some nice stuff there. Was the kid on the Franklin (S) platform saying hi? I love all of the pictures.


Thanks much! She was waving once she saw the camera and must have figured I was with the paper or something. Here is another photo with her in it.




I think she's just my guardian angel saying hey :D


Nice Pics, especially R160A.




Is it true that when your on the Van Wyck Expressway you can see the wall for the (E) tunnel?


I don't know N-T, but I'm sure somebody here who's more knowledgable could answer ya.


Nice pics!!



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