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R160B 8913 crashes into an tree!!, and some photos from today


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You read the title correctly, an 160 crashed into a tree on sea beach line today i was on the train!! Heres the story, i was riding 8913 on the sea beach line everything is going fine until the train went BIE, then a few seconds later BAM we hit something. I guess that strong winds blew part of a tree on to the ROW. So the T/O gets out and looks on the side on the train, then a few seconds later an TSS comes and looks at the train. Then after a few minutes the remove the remains of the tree and throw it on the other track. So after a while the T/O tries to move the train, he does then after a few seconds BAM! sparks and smoke come from the third rail. Then the train was disabled and cound'nt move. Then the C/R says over PA system that an rescue train is going take us passengers back to the station. So all the passengers crowd into the last two cars of the train. After a while the rescue train comes and we had walk though the cab walk over a gap to get on the rescue train. Then the rescue train took us to the station.... Now the photos from today....











The T/O of an passing 68 (N) train stops his train to check on our disabled 160 (N) train....





A pic of part of the tree that our train crashed into....





An TSS on the tracks......




Workers helping to remove the remains from under the train....





Passengers walking though the C/R cabs to get to the rescue train...





An cab pic of 8907 the rescue train




An outside pic of 8907, you can see the disabled 160 in the background...




A pic of the disabled 160



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Totally crazy. Glad you're ok! Good thing you got those photos, very rare that storm debris causes a disabled subway train.


- A

Thanks. yea its very rare for stuff like this happen. Debris falls on the tracks quite often, but its rare for the train to actully crash into it.


Wow...thats crazy. Nice pics


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ya probably that tree hated when the R160s hit it and decided to fall for its first victim the 160B lol jk.. Nice~


No no no, it was longing for it's precious R40 Slants, so it decided to take out the first 160 it could... :)



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