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MHV9218, you might wanna check this out...


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I know nothing about fonts, but this is pretty noticeable. It's on the staircase they're fixing. AGAIN, despite having work on it done a year or two ago. The other photo is from the south entrance on the Queens side, which was "fixed" TWICE within the last two years. A rant for another time, but anyway:



23510839859_88cfc8bc46_c.jpgIMG_1394 by GojiMet86, on Flickr



23878752395_19b1a128b5_c.jpgIMG_1395 by GojiMet86, on Flickr


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I can't believe I got a thread directed at me!


You're right, I'm gonna have to make my way up to Ditmars and check that out...if I can stomach it. That is so wildly far from anything that TA signs are supposed to look like that I assume it was done by some independent contractor with only a loose idea of the design. Doesn't even have any semblance of a white stripe, which is practically the signature MTA mark. Hopefully it's only a sticker or decal or sorts, because that's pretty appalling.

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