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Pictures live at the Easchester Depot. Buses before they get scrapped.


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Even thought he RTS the the Orion Bus are soon to get scapped. bus they already scrapping like most of the buses. but these bus are gonna live on forever through the whole 5 boroughs. but im telling ya NYC will never be the same withouth those RTS Buses, Orion buses and some of the Nova bus aka The RTS Buses updated version will get taken apart too. i guess they making room for those whack ass low hybrid orion NG. But if you guy you can give me some fo the though about those buses getting taking apart instead of renew them and upgrading those same buses from the early 90s.



I remember the Queen LGA Depot Bus. When it was now an (MTA) Bus. But too bad that is gonna be gone soon is now a dead bus. Those buses look like it can be good for another 10 years. Eventhough those bus are from the early 90s.



Wait a minute whats the Manhattanville RTS Bus doing in the Eastchester Depot Yard. It cannot get scraped. it look like can be good for another 15 years or more. Eventhough that is bus is from the early 90s. i rememeber those buse from when i was living in Brooklyn at the Crown Heights Area. Flatbush Depot was 1st to have those buses then Jackie Geason depot till JG Depot gave away all the RTS Buses to get those ugly ass New Flyer Low Hybrid Bus. So Disappointing. im surprised JG Depot keeped the BIA Orion bus and the Orion CNG Bus. I remember Chelsea Depot and 125 Street Depot have those buses. Till Chelsea Depot in manhattan got shutdown for Micheal J. Quill Depot who have for a while till they gave to Manhatttanville depot and now 125 Street has the Nova bus, and (MTA)Bus Baisley Park has the RTS bus and (MTA)Bus LGA Depot has those Bus for a short period of time. But I remember The Bronx West Farms Depot have thoses Buses for a short period time till they got rid of the buses quickly. Those were a memories.



I remember the Brooklyns East New York Depot has those RTS Bus till they decided to get rid of those bus and keeped the Novas. Those were the days.



I remember the Brooklyns Flatbush Depot has those RTS Bus till they decided to get rid of those bus and keeped the Novas. And now as of 2008 11 of those RTS Bus came back to Flatbush Depot after those buses came straight out of the (MTA)Bus. but I wonder how long those Flatbush Depot, Westfarms Depot, Manhattanville Depot, Grand Avenue Depot, LGA Depot, JFK Depot, And Baisley Park Depot is gonna have those buses?



All the New York City transit Buses and the (MTA) Bus including the GMC buses from the lates 80s are gonna get scrapped. Eastchester Depot look like a graveyard for dead buses.To me they should renew those buses instead of spending million making new buses especially those whack ass NG buses. Just imaging how much money the company are are saving.But no they already taking most of the buses apart. These buses are going to be remember forever. RTS Buses forever, Nova Bus forever, and Orion Buses Forever.


Thanks for the Memories. Now NYC will never be the same without thoses buses. Even in the near future will be never be the same. Boredom for me in the future without thses buses.

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Excellent pics....I miss majority of those buses. I miss the TMC RTS-06 (3rd pic) from East New York....I remember seeing them on the Q24, Q56, B45, B12, B15, B25. I'm shocked to see a Manhattanville RTS NovaBus in Eastchester Depot. The RTS NovaBus and TMC RTS-06 will be missed. I don't blame you for not liking the Orion VII OG and C40's....I don't like them either!

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I know people at the eastchester yard who can try to send some 1990 TMC RTS buses that are in storage to East New York. Also does anyone know the guy who did a run on 1502 at the Rodeo. I know him but not his name so that would be helpful.


- Nicholas

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you mean to tell me theres Orion V's there?


Yes, 80 scrapped Vs, and 80 scrapped 1990 TMC RTS.


They are up on MTA's surplus sales list, I dunno why anyone would want to buy them, (I'd live in it :D:D:() but they're up there. And it's not only 1993 Vs and 1990 TMCs, although they take up the majority.


Link to the sales (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)


A lot of these buses have their engines, I'd say half don't have their transmissions.


Here's something interesting: I've been keeping tabs on the list (it used to say it will become available soon) until about a week ago. It says the listings will close quickly: 11/17, which means they want to get rid of these FAST because this could not have been up for over a week.

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The fact that I still refer to all of these as "Grummans" shows my age (a bit), and also that I'm not into buses as much as trains, so take that into account before any flames. I'm just not a connoisseur. :D


Now, I've always liked the curved widsheid of these buses, and their modern look, but I'm sick of these on the routes I take, like the B49. I guess I've been a little spoiled by low floors, but I've also tripped on wheelchair hooks and even been burned by some kind of electrical short next to a seat. These buses are just not ones I want to ride regularly, and most especially when they phase in old express versions with four row seating.

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