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7 West Side Extension- Actually Happening!

MTR Admiralty

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The 7 extension to Jacob K Javits Centre is actually happening, according to the MTA's webpage for it.

They have 5 main sites for preparation/construction: The TBM launch site at 11th Avenue and 25th Street, the Ground Freeze Area at around 11th Avenue and 27th Street, the West Side Yards Area, the 34th Street Station site and the Times Square Station site.

-Crews are mining below surface for the TBM starter tunnels.

-Crews are drilling freeze pipes to prepare for the ground freezing necessary when the TBM is in place.

-Crews are installing monitoring instruments at the West Side Yard.

-Crews are drilling/mining the 34th Street Station Cavern.

-Crews are modifying an existing unused subway tunnel below Times Square Station area (41st Street and 8th Avenue). Really, it's MTA lingo for demolishing the Times Square lower level.


Pictures from the MTA Capital Construction Page:


Work on the TBM Starter Tunnels


Shaft at 26th Street. Access point for TBM operations.


Building a temporary substation to power the TBMs.


The two starter tunnels.


Access shaft at 35th Street, entrance for cavern work site.


34th Street Station cavern


34th Street Station cavern


Drilling for the 34th Street Station cavern

image026.jpg Vent/Emergency Exit for worksite.


Installation of freeze pipes at 26th Street.


The demolition of the Times Square Station lower level.


West Side Yards


Alignment with work zones.


For updates: http://mta.info/capconstr/7ext/construction.htm

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I couldn't find it on the site, but when is this project due?


I can't find it either, it's just a construction update page. Well I rather they not post it anywhere, until they know that the construction is stablised and well in progress. If I were them, I would not play with the people's hopes.

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thats gd news, I think its suppose to be done by 2013. Whats the freeze pipe and zones mean?


I wouldn't be that optimistic, the TBMs aren't here yet and it takes them awhile to load them, assemble them and get them going.

The Freeze Pipe is to stabilise the ground when the TBM runs under it, to prevent the ground from collapsing.

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Oh sweet! By the time it is complete, I can access the Javits Center without having to waste my foot energy... Eh, I am in college? Oh well, I just have to wait another 1-3 years...


I honestly doubt that this project will finish in 1-3 years. The reasons being:

-The financial recession will cut a good deal of construction jobs, I think about 10,000 by 2010.

-The TBMs need to be at site, assembled and prepared before drilling underground. That usually takes about 3-6 months.

-The TBMs have to cut through solid rock underground, progress is usually slow. I'd say, based on the ESA project, the TBMs could finish in 1 1/2-2 years.

-You need lighting installation for the tunnels

-You have to build the crossover caverns, there are two

-You need to finish the 34th Street Station which will take around 3 years to complete

-You need the tracks to be laid

-There might be a need to order some new trains for the (7)


-Signal tests and service tests


Anyways, it looks like the 10th Ave station is cut away from the project.

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I still don't understand the point of this extension. What's wrong with taking the subway to 34th and walking?


Tell that to Bloomberg! Lol. He wants to re-develop Hudson Yards... I don't think they found a contractor yet, and yet they are busy building that extension. It's a shame.

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Well Bloomberg, Paterson and Schwartznagger are all guys who like things to get moving on ever if there is recession so don't diss them... They are all optimistic and you all don't know about it and Hudson Yards Development is fine. It boosts the west side economy! :)!



You really have a myopic view. Hudson Yards is NOT fine:




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Well, MTR! I know those details!!! I know so just don't be a big mouth and make me look like I am an idiot when I am not!!!


Dude, if you know them, don't say the opposite. You're making yourself look like an idiot when really you're not.

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