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Brighton Local

Sat. Jan 17 - Light Rail!

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I rode the Southern Half of the route today out to Mesa, to check out the Terminal of this bad boy. They had 1 layup train just east of the station on tail tracks beyond the station, and a Metro Supervisor on hand to assist new-passengers how to use the MVM's lol, Metro Vending Machines. I spoke to the Supervisor for about an hour, just to learn more about the system. You have no idea how many people asked which side gets you to 'wherever'. Arizonians are so new to this, so who could blame them. They don't know that a terminal means, where you turn trains, and they go the opposite way. I mean, beyond the tail tracks, barricades ARE visible, and people still don't realize it. Its funny how many said, 'hey there's another train over there, when is it coming in'? Between myself, and the supervisor, we must have told at least 6 people, that, 'that train; was a Layup. Then I had to explain to them what a layup was. Then a few trains were running late, so, they brought them into the Mesa Terminal, and within 2 minutes they went right back out. People were getting upset because they wanted to know how long until the next one, and why this one left so fast. I explained so much today, as if I was standing at the (N)(Q)(R)(W) downtown platform at Times Square. I didn't yell any New York Stops, but managed to get stopped by Transit Police. I got off in Tempe at the 3 St/Mill Av Station, and as I crossed the tracks, I stopped in the Middle of the 2 tracks to photograph the station. The security or police officer, shouted ' Excuse me sir, you cannot be in the middle of the tracks like that', so nice and friendly, I apologize, and let him know, that I just wanted a picture, and I respect the safety of the passengers of the Light Rail; hence, I told him, Im from New York & I don't walk on subway tracks. Anyway, it was a nice day for photographing. Ill probably go back on next Saturday, and ride the northern half of the line between Downtown & Northwest Phoenix.


Mesa Layup Train on the tail tracks



A G.O. in effect already lol



Mesa-Sycamore/Main Sts









Tempe-Mill Av/3 St



The Guy on the left stopped me. $65.00 fine for doing what I did, he also stated



Love this shot! Just left the 3 St Station



Entering 3 St



A quiet evening at the Central Av/Washington St Stop




And a bonus shot for the Bus Fans; Located at the End of the Line of the Light Rail in Mesa



Hope you guys like!





PS - Cardinals Vs. Eagles here tomorrow; Where the Giants won the bowl last year.

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Very very nice shots Zach. Still keeping your game up, and getting better. Those sunset pics are beautiful.


Great work on avoiding that fine. :P

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And Sen John McCain was opposed to buliding this? Yet Phoenix has one of the worst traffic in the USA and it's not a mega city yet population wise like LA or the Washington DC area.


Great pics thanks Brighton. This looks like a beauty. Next time i visit my family in Southern California i try to make a drive to the "Big City in Valley of the Sun" for a day trip and make this trolley/light rail a stop.:tup:

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Awesome pics Zach!!!!!!! :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::cool::cool::cool:

Oh yeah, can you put some fare media up here?

E.G: A single journey ticket and a daily pass, so we all know how they look like. It would be cool! :cool::cool::tup::tup::tup:

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Light rails are fun, I wish they had this back in NY.


u can always see them in NJT, its fun as u can walk through the tracks, in some LRs B)


nice shots btw~

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Guest Charles

Yup, light rails are cool.

Trolleybuses are cool, too. I've always preferred catanery over third rail.


I mean, I guess the overhead wires could have some potential danger, but I don't mind.

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Wow awesome pics there zach! That NABI 65-BRT is looking great in that style! I wish I can ride that lightrail B)

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