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Second Trailer for Pelham 123


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Here the cast info for the upcoming film according to wikpedia.



Starring Cast


Denzel Washington portrays Zachary "Z" Garber, the New York City subway dispatcher who is negotiating with the hijackers and is also the Transit Authority lieutenant. The role had been portrayed by Walter Matthau in the 1974 film and Edward James Olmos in the 1998 television movie. In the 1974 and 1998 editions, Garber was a NYC Transit Police Officer. The Dispatcher in the 1974 film was "Caz Dolowicz" played by Tom Pedi.


John Travolta portrays Bernard Ryder (a.k.a. "Mr. Blue"), the leader of the hijackers and a former mercenary. The role was originally portrayed by Robert Shaw in the oringal 1974 film. Tony Scott courted Travolta heavily for the actor's first action role in years.


James Gandolfini portrays the mayor of New York City, who is under heavy pressure to address the hostage crisis.[5] The character was originally portrayed by Lee Wallace in the 1974 film.


Ramon Rodriguez portrays an assistant to Garber who is also an MTA train dispatcher.


Victor Gojcaj portrays Bashkim (a.k.a. "Mr. Grey"), the most aggresive of the hijackers. The character, originally named "Joe Welcome", was portrayed by Hector Elizondo in the 1974 film.


Luis Guzmán portrays Ramos (a.k.a. "Mr. Green"), one of the hijackers. The role, originally named "Harold Longman", had been portrayed by Martin Balsam in the 1974 film





Jason Butler Harner

Gbenga Akinnagbe[

John Turturro

Michael Rispoli


Hope this helps.:tup:

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Seems over-dramatized, especially with the NYPD car crash.



That's what makes it an interesting movie. Obviously you're not going to watch a movie where there's a train crash and then an (MTA) worker brings the cash to them and that's it...there has to be some sort of good action in between.

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