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    • ^ exactly! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Chances are your classmates have the same questions and afraid or don’t know how to ask. You want to make sure you know everything you need to know especially before your midterm, final, yard practical, and road practical. I was in your shoes 10 months ago and I was nervous as hell in the beginning. I even questioned if I can even do this. The moment I got my first job assignment after project straight talk, I felt much better. You will do fine trust me. Just make sure you’re on time and take notes on your TSS’s are teaching you. 2 main things you need to remember are: know your platform and know your board.
    • I was in your shoes 2 months ago. You will be fine. At first it will be a little overwhelming because it's all new to you but trust me you will get it.  Just pay attention in school car and if you have any questions ask your TSS to repeat it again even if you feel like you are the only person in class who doesn't get it. Trust me, your TSS wants you to pass, but you also have to do your part also and put in the work good luck. 
    • I saw there was a March 4 class supposedly wondering why we didn’t get added to that class. Hoping it’s true that there are classes in April and we getting called for those
    • Yes I was told the same I emailed them this week and they saying I’m still on the list but there’s no upcoming classes . I was placed on medical hold .
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