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  2. I have no idea what you are talking about since I never proposed to divert any routes. I never said anything about changing the current Q35. I was talking about a completely new route. And I am certainly not being counter productive with mass transit services. I stand by all my comments on this subject.
  3. Why are you copying and pasting my post? lol
  4. This is all just speculation. Due to CBTC in the first 5 years of the FF plan, the is bound to get NTTs. The and will not have CBTC within the first 5 years, so the theory has been that there will be a whole switcheroo and the / will get R68s.
  5. As of today 5213-5214,5234 are out of service from Quill
  6. You drive good today, I was in the same bus with you lol
  7. If I was the MTA, I would run the R42s on low usage route. I think the best place for them would be on the Rockaway Park . That way you can put some R46 on the main line and the R42s can do there little Runs on the Rockaway Shuttle.
  8. Seeing as there are already (visible) provisions for it, this makes sense.
  9. Its not really an R179 discussion, so I quoted it here. Once QBL gets CBTC fully implemented, there wouldnt be a need for the to receive NTTs, as it doesnt run along QBL currently. However, the plan for the to receive NTTs was due to the shutdown, as the would have gotten 480' (8-car) trains for the / to deal with the boost in ridership. As of right now, there isnt any plans for the to get NTTs, but the assumption is when the R211s start arriving, the will be getting the 480' trains that currently running on the .
  10. that would be an unnecessary waste of money. They need to stop retrofitting older buses with newer amentities. The new ones being delivered, however, should feature the newest technology.
  11. Where did the MTA say the will be getting R211s, and the Option order for the /? Link to the source please and thanks. Its not about where they are needed really, as MTA can shuffle the fleet however they like. However, when Option order #2 comes, it would make sense to send most of those trains to CI for an increased spare factor, as the base order and Option order #1 would mostly cover all the 32/42/46s that need to retired.
  12. Were they shut down in 1975 because they weren't in the middle of the station or was their another reason? In the MTA's world, "Security reasons" was the reason, although it doesn't explain much. The mystery is quite intriguing, especially since there aren't any pics depicting the actual elevators other than the stairwells and the passageway. Case in point: here and here!
  13. Not sure yet, but I believe that NG's from QV, KB, YUK and GH will go to depots that are retiring the RTS buses now such as MJQ and FB.
  14. In thinking about the and its interlining I came up with several different ways to split it: Option 1: A new tunnel is built between Whitehall and Hoyt-Schermerhorn via State Street. The tracks would connect to the outer Hoyt tracks right after the diamond crossover at Court (the NYTM would remain open as relocation would be expensive and a stop between Hoyt and Whitehall would be avoided to speed up runtimes). The following pattern would take effect: splits RPK/FRock express in Brooklyn; local in Manhattan; runs to Lefferts rerouted to 96th/125th unchanged rerouted to Astoria (so Astoria-Euclid) 179th or FHills - Whitehall or City Hall lower (would be reactivated with the 2 western tracks in use) now operates on QBL 7 days a week and from 6am-12am; late-night service runs to Essex skip-stop eliminated Bowery/Canal- Bay Ridge Option 2: The tracks that currently connect the Brighton line to the Montague tracks right by DeKalb are removed with new tracks built in place that connect to the just before Lafayette Avenue. Once these tracks are complete the 4th local-tunnel tracks would merge split earlier so diamond crossovers could be put in to maintain a connection between Brighton and Montague. The service pattern would be the same for the while the would be eliminated. Option 2 is much cheaper and easier, however, you would still interline service which could limit the to either 15 or 20 tph based on how much service Bay Ridge would get. The other option would be to turn trains at Atlantic but that would be fiercely opposed and be an operational nightmare.
  15. There are only 4 480' (8-car) R211 trains coming in Option 2. If it was 10 or more 8-car trains in the order, I would agree with you they would be heading to the . Im highly skeptical these 4-car R211s will make their way to ENY with the amount of trains ENY already has, and the minimal impact 4 R211 trains will make in the 's current fleet. The idea of ordering B cars to expand 480' (8-car) train to 600' (10-car) trains has been brought up time and time again. Until there is a contract/plan put forth by the MTA with a company for more B cars, let the idea die. Its not going to happen. So because the R143s are about to be 20 and have a low MDBF they should be kicked off the ? Really? While it is good to keep the fleet young for maintenance purposes, MTA isn't going to shuffle the fleet like this. Like I said, there are only 4 480' R211 trains. Not enough to make a dent in the fleet for the . The only lines that most likely will have 480' trains in the future are the /, , , and possibly the . ENY or CI will house the 4-car sets, however I see it being more likely that CI will hold them for service on the .
  16. I'm list number 4xx I got called down, on the 1st for the drug test and paperwork resubmission as this is my second go, and still, haven't heard anything back yet. Very strange since there were only 4 people under my list number there from what I recall.
  17. So you're telling me there's no one on this forum who is on that class?
  18. Today
  19. I like it too, but it’s not my first choice. That would be to reroute the back to Ditmars with a home yard at 36th-38th in Brooklyn and a secondary service provided by the or K. All while sending the fully express to 96th and 2nd and either rerouting the to Forest Hills or creating a new QB Local/8th Ave Express to replace the in Queens (the would also displace the in the 53rd Street Tunnel and replace the in Brooklyn, which would terminate at WTC). Well if they schedule those reverse moves during rush hour or midday service, then yes, that will be an issue. But can’t those yard moves be scheduled during late evenings (after 9:30, 10:00) as service is starting to peter out for the night? It’s not a perfect solution, but I think it’s better than the current setup the has. Most importantly, it would permit the to run far more frequently than it currently does, because it would have far less merging to deal with. But if the above truly isn’t feasible, then I’m going to suggest the Nassau St K service as the primary 4th Ave local with the as the secondary with the cut back to Whitehall, like I suggested way back in this thread (for some reason, I can’t just copy and paste @Porter‘s brown K bullet, while posting from my iPhone!). The would still run on QB and be based in Jamaica Yard under this plan, while the would still go to Ditmars as the primary service there. I understand why they did it. It definitely made sense then. In 1987, they still had a significant number of crappy, graffitied-up subway cars that truly were on their last legs. Having those decrepit R27 and pre-GOH R32s and R40s then running on the deadhead from Bay Ridge to Coney Island with a reverse move north of 36th Street just wasn’t an option. Fortunately, we don’t have that situation today (hopefully we never get back there!) and with R211s and a yard in Sunset Park, it should be even less of an issue.
  20. The MTA stopped mass retirements after the car shortage back in 2009/2010 because they had retired a ton of R32s/R42s which caused problems when the R44s had to also be retired. I'd expect the R42s to be kept as a spare factor and quietly retired given their low numbers; the R32s will probably go a few sets at a time when the R211s first arrive but probably disappear quickly after the cars are proven reliable.
  21. I don't agree with diverting bus routes that would inconvenience more of its current riders, over trying to benefit some lesser good..... Your ineptitude to adequately illustrate the contrary is not my problem & it's really where you expose yourself on these parts.... You rely far too much on theory, instead of paying any real attention to how these routes are currently utilized.... Key word..... Current.... So, don't talk to me about being stubborn, guy... Nobody's asking for stats, of course selective reading has always been your forte... Yes, reducing automobile use is of an importance, but being counterproductive with current mass transit services could send current mass transit users right into the very automobile & its usage of it you're talking about wanting to reduce....
  22. That's what I'm saying....those buses were literally in the process of being delivered when the new scheme came out. They should get upgraded for their 4 year overhauls. 7090-7483 and 8090-8503 definitely should get the new scheme and USB ports...MTA needs to stop wasting time.
  23. Things that annoy me. • The Level of stupidity of people in general • People trying to get into my business or try to speak for me when I didn’t ask for it. • The Suburbs And sprawled Suburbs (I personally don’t understand how one can put up with driving everywhere when it’s be much easier/more convenient to walk everywhere. Yet despite this, I lived in New Jersey for 5 years) • Homeless Or Beggears. Being a regular rider, I can’t trust anyone cause I don’t know who’s just begging for money and who’s truly homeless. • People complaining about Public Transit. Complaining doesn’t solve shit. • People who think Public Transit is beneath them. • YouTubers and people who share their personal lives through YouTube. (Not counting animations) • People who don’t think or act rationally on a Regular Basis. • CNN. Nothing more to say. • Democrats. Specifically ones who complain about Trump and aren’t doing things to contribute to help the Town/City/State that they were elected for. (Cuomo and DeBlasio)
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