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  1. fantastic photos and yes the new watermark looks sweet
  2. lol it's not supposed to be anything, it's a game Call of Duty is fiction if they put Broad St they would have to pay the MTA (something like that)
  3. I would assume that 800-856 will start retiring while the others will be displaced to other depots. That's my guess.
  4. Hmm I know some people in this photo =P
  5. By someone stupid? I'm sorry to say this but that person has more talent then you with a computer then you ever will..
  6. Yes it's close but when you will see the ridership you will piss you're pants
  7. 2 weeks really? wow I heard 236 left though
  8. Yes she is here XD only 1 for now more to come later and YES IM BACK
  9. from bumps on Facebook to Bumps on NYCTF... lol
  10. yeah I don't think they said 16 trains that would mean extra crews which would rape the MTA's pockets, I could see them adding 3 maybe 4 extra trains but have them running more trips instead of pulling into the yard early. I have to agree with Bill.
  11. no from what I heard it's 16 extra trips... 16 extra trains would over crowd the L
  12. If the Contract was done (along with the options) how can you buy more (without paying more)
  13. HOT! and you lie.. I just saw these pictures
  14. The Best Senic route would have to be the The worst route in terms of speed would have to be the
  15. damn!! You're photos are getting better and better.
  16. No one ever criticizes your photos... I could start, want me to?
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