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  1. Question, I spoke to a Track Worker who was getting promoted to Ms1 a few days ago and he told me his seniority went down 400. I'm assuming they've closed the cleaning gangs that were created with Subway Action Plan. If you have 400 less workers down there right now, what's going on with the gangs in terms of staffing.
  2. Made it into the March 16th class, list number 6x
  3. Good stuff, I go for medical tomorrow also. How long were you there today?
  4. I'm 6x, I was called back in October but had to postpone.
  5. Got an email for medical this week for the March 16 class.
  6. Saw a bunch of people doing PE for this and 7612 today. Next class is Monday, and another on the 16th.
  7. You can't consolidate two separate civil service lists, it's literally illegal lol. What's probably going on (what I assume) they don't want to release the new list until they already have a secondary list on standby because the first list is so short as they claim (less then 80 people). Your list will come out FIRST and will they will hire off your list FIRST. It's just a waiting game now, unless your name is DCAS you don't believe any rumors.
  8. Got the call to come in on Thursday for PE
  9. I'm in the process for NJT Assistant Conductor, I took the test and was given my results within a week. Then they invite you to an interview if you pass (which is the step I'm currently at). I actually have my interview coming up this week.
  10. Ok, Good luck on your test Wednesday. It's both Math and Reading so hopefully you'll do well.
  11. What are you talking about. Under civil service law they're allowed to request a list extension and DCAS honors it. Quoted from DCAS "(d) The commissioner of citywide administrative services may also by resolution prior to the expiration date of an eligible list extend the duration of such list as provided for in section fifty-six of the civil service law, as amended by section one of chapter four hundred and forty-three of the laws of nineteen hundred and seventy-six."
  12. Nowhere near the same thing, lol. MTA Conductor training programs for the most part are a couple of months while NJT's training program is a whole 2 years.
  13. Once a civil service exam has been administered unless they have proof that the test or answers were leaked, it's difficult to throw it out. Look at the TBTA exam 5606, they didn't throw it out even though they have no intention of hiring off it, they still published it.
  14. Debating it to be honest, I currently work for the city and don't wanna give up my NYCERS for whatever MaBSTOA has. Although I do have 1 year to leave and come back and all I have to do is buy back the time.
  15. We don't know how long it will take to reach any number at this point. I'm in the 2xx range and we're 30 days into the list and nothing yet. It could be faster this time around or it could be slower, just gotta wait and hope for the best.
  16. Dope man, thanks. Next General Pick isn't till June 2021 though right?
  17. 1. It's to tell you that the list has been established for hiring purposes. 2. List number means when they call for job openings they start from 1 and goes up from there. 3. Depends, I'd say so, just would be a little bit. 4. Play the waiting game. Good luck.
  18. My list number is 6X but, I was put on hold cause my license wasn't 3 years old. It's good now and when I called she said they're waiting for approval for more classes.
  19. It's not possible whatsoever http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/trackworker_seniority_list_june_2018_0.pdf As you can see the highest number on the seniority list is 3459. You can check your buddies name if it's on there and see what his list number is.
  20. You can keep on eye on this website, https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Bus-Operator-Conductor-Track-Worker-Certifications/pjqi-8psc
  21. Does anyone have the direct line for the woman in charge of hiring off 9100? Edit: Got in contact, Feburary 3rd class is full, she said call back in 3 weeks when they get approval for more classes.
  22. You don't need a license for this position but, if you have one they will run it to ensure you have no outstanding tickets. That being said I'm not too sure if you need to transfer over state to state, I'd wait till they call you and go ask them.
  23. According to the seniority list the highest number appointed from the list was 3459 but, that was as of June 2018.
  24. They had no intention of hiring off of 3600 past September. Couple of people posted that they heard numerous rumors that September was the last class. I wouldn't be surprised they extended 3600 cause 8600 wasn't graded in time the list expired. So they ended up extending 3600 just to have a list and then once it expired they came out with 8600. This is pure speculation but, it makes the most sense.
  25. Only time will tell but, you should be good.

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