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  1. Yes she is here XD only 1 for now more to come later and YES IM BACK
  2. from bumps on Facebook to Bumps on NYCTF... lol
  3. yeah I don't think they said 16 trains that would mean extra crews which would rape the MTA's pockets, I could see them adding 3 maybe 4 extra trains but have them running more trips instead of pulling into the yard early. I have to agree with Bill.
  4. no from what I heard it's 16 extra trips... 16 extra trains would over crowd the L
  5. If the Contract was done (along with the options) how can you buy more (without paying more)
  6. HOT! and you lie.. I just saw these pictures
  7. The Best Senic route would have to be the The worst route in terms of speed would have to be the
  8. damn!! You're photos are getting better and better.
  9. No one ever criticizes your photos... I could start, want me to?
  10. it happens every year... they will never cancel it muahahaha
  11. No, Remember the HAI RTS's and the Metrocard Bus RTS are stored at Gleason.
  12. Rumors are that some Orion V CNG's from Gleason went to Long Island so Gleason got some RTS's in return. (this is a rumor no photos so far have surfuced) the buses are.. 5191 9234 9397 and 9409 Be on the lookout Also what are your thoughts on this?
  13. sweet.. I may come out for a trip or two last year was more fans then shoppers lol
  14. if you didn't know... 185-229 are going to CP not 230
  15. sorry for the double post.. since ZA is closed on weekends did they come in tonight to CP or last night just wondering.
  16. what are you talking about JG is getting almost 200 of these badboys... all of the 800/900's are leaving to other depots or being retired slowly check your info
  17. R143's sound GREAT they ride GREAT you on the other hand... no words.. never dis a subway car on my watch
  18. I don't like CP right now... JG should have at least 1 by the end of this year... (right?)
  19. This happens alot... Just because you didn't catch it doesn't mean it didn't happen. good shots btw
  20. The and run local in brooklyn because: 1. The Express tracks hold the trains between 59th st and 36th st 2. The train relays at 36th st on the express tracks and it sits there for a while. 3. Well there is no train running so the and run local.
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