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Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

EE Broadway Local

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So Sausage in Bread day has arrived. 14 million people can vote in the election today. 1.4 have already voted via postal votes and pre votes.


Although I'm enjoying the Footy. Goddard has just taken a screamer.

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This is for all you wrestling fans ;)




ewwww :P


Lol its my backup phone now since I got a new one (G1) and the G1 died so I had to use the sidekick :P


2 faced sidekick lol.


Lol I know...and out of all companies

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How is it, Y2 Julio? Have you seen any of TTC's famous Fishbowls?


haven't seen any but then again I haven't really been going outside with this rain over here so I've just been using the Subway to get around town.

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