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MT's start in August


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Cool pics, Matt!


Thank you very much, GojiMet86.


very nice photos :P


Thanks a lot, Jon, glad you like them.


Very nice photos!!


Thanks, dude, great seeing you yesterday.


Excellent coverage, MattTrain! :tup:


Thank you very much. I tried covering as much as I can.


Nice pics Matt! BTW, what time were you at Ave. X today? I was there at around 7PM.


Kris, I was at Avenue X around 4pm. I went around the city in a circle by then.


nice ones matt.


Thanks a lot, you did great in your coverage too.


As a note, all the T/Os on the trains that I photographed were very friendly. I did have one annoyed C/R though on the (F) that was the only brushup of the day.

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(G) with those cars is Something huh but why was these trains all over the place and that (G) culver local court sq looks good on that Route display

Sweet pics ya got MT


Thanks a lot, KR. R-160s all over the (G), I believe since there weren't enough R-46 cars. R-160s are plentiful now so it made sense to use those cars. The operators on the (G) do a pretty good job on them.


Those photos are not bad!


Thanks, E-Man, glad you like them. I am trying my best.


Nice catch with that (E) 8 Ave Exp! :tup::tup:


Thanks, Vinny, the (E) via 8 Avenue Express due to track work, not a FIND mistake.


nice pictures ^^


Thanks, Yoshi!

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wow nicely done Matthew!


Thank you, Stan, glad you like them.


Great pics, was that the 44 (C) on the other track at 2nd Ave?


That was a R-44 on the (C). In fact I have a shot of that too. It should be coming up, I haven't uploaded it as of yet.

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Thanks a lot, buddy, glad you like them.


Here's a few more, but then again, you can see it in the gallery in my first post, including the R-44 on (C).







That's it for my photos.

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So wait that first one is supposed to be a R44 (C) in this batch here? What was it doing on the express track if so?


Yep, that was a R-44 (C) train at Lower East Side 2nd Avenue on the terminal express track due to the G.O. that had (C) trains terminate there. (F)'s replaced the (C) south of that staion.


O shit (E) 8 Av Express FTW! Nice to see the 2nd Av Layup tracks used again


Yep used during the G.O. Thanks.

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