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hey people.


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thanks bro.

u like the mets?

yeah man im from queens too.



hey man thanks.

i'm still a little confused on how to use it.


:) I'm going on april 30th, may15th, and the last game of the regular season, plus a few in between. Maybe i'll see ya there!


- Andy

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dude there's gonna be like so many people there.

i doubt we'll see each other...lol.


Yea, but i dunno man i've ran into people at shea and other spots in nyc that i never thought i'd meet or have not seen in years. One time i missed the last train back to trenton in the middle of the winter last year, and instead of waiting the 3 hours in those back ache inducing chairs i walked up to times square & saw my ex's (from high school years) sister by that eurocafe place on i think the corner of 43rd & 7th. She ended up buying me an amtrak ticket so i could talk to her on the way to trenton (she was up there with her band). Was the first time i saw her in 7 years......... Then the time i gave a traveler person some info online bout nyc, then ran into them on the subway of all places 3 months later. Was the (F) at herald square.


- Andy

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