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People Who Inspire You


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One of Facebook's features is an area in the "Philosophy" section called "People Who Inspired You." After seeing this feature and adding the 10 people who have inspired me to my page, I have been very curious to know, who has inspired you in your life? Here are my ten inspirations:


10. Robert Ballard (RMS Titanic and other famous disasters): After watching James Cameron's 1997 movie Titanic, I wanted to learn more about the actual disaster in 1912. To do that, I bought many books about the ship that was written by Mr. Ballard, the oceanologist who discovered the wreck in 1985, and learned that he explored many other shipwrecks like the Lusitania, Andrea Doria, and Titanic's sister, Brittannic.


9. Sam Champion (meteorology and astronomy): from the age of 5 to when I was 13, I watched him give the weather forecast on ABC 7 Eyewitness News every weekday at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m and he was very good. I learned a lot about mother nature (e.g. hot and cold fronts, low and high pressure systems) and began studying weather phenomenoms like droughts, hurricanes, and El Nino and La Nina. I got into astronomy as well since it has a connection to meteorology, which has greatly impacted many events in history.


8. Elizabeth Smart (criminal justice and law): In June 2002, the then 14-year-old Smart was abducted from her Salt Lake City home by a mentally deranged couple and held as a sex slave for nine months. I, then 12, had this strange, unexplainable connection to her and watched TV shows like America's Most Wanted to get updates on the case. I was overjoyed when the news said she was found alive and her miraculous survival and recovery inspired me to study how crimes and court cases are processed and solved.


7. George W. Bush (U.S. history and politics): All of the turmoil that happened in the Bush administration (i.e. 9/11, Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, economic meltdown) made me want to learn more about the history of the United States and how our government works. If you thought Bush was horrible, you need to look at our country's history since it is not as great as most people think and no offense to stupid directors like Michael Moore, but Bush did the right thing on 9/11 by finishing his reading with those 2nd graders even though he knew the U.S. was under attack. The media loves making good people look bad with their vicious lies.


6. Ellen DeGeneres (lesbian sexuality and gay rights): Having been taught by my traditional family that homosexuality is a sin, I opposed same-sex marriage until August 2005, when I watched Mrs. DeGeneres give a powerful statement on her talk show about the terrible treatment gay people were getting from others just because of their orientation. This speech along with seeing hot girl-girl scenes from movies like Loving Annabelle, Lost and Delirious, and My Summer of Love made me realize that there is nothing wrong with loving and caring for someone who is the same sex as you. As a result, I became a supporter for same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights and was very glad when it was legalized in New York this past June.


5. Cat Osterman (baseball, softball, and other women's sports):Although I have been a big fan of the New York Yankees since I was eight, I never cared about the history of baseball and its variations and teams or how it is played until I watched Ms. Osterman shut down China during a game in the 2007 KFC World Cup. Afterwards, I watched other women's sports like beach volleyball and gymnastics and now find tall, athletic women who work out a lot very attractive. Three of my four idols are Osterman's teammate Monica Abbott, Russian Tennis Player Maria Sharapova, and Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter.


4. John Updike (literature): I read two of his short stories (A&P and Oliver's Evolution) for English 102 in Spring 2008. Those stories as well as Girls in their Summer Dress were the only ones I liked in that class, primarily due to their sexualization of women and emphasis on men's need to be nurtured and cared for. They inspired me to write stories of my own, including a trilogy based on the three aforementioned ones, to let out all of my imaginations.


3. Olga Kay (Internet sensation): In January 2008, I found my first video blogger on YouTube, Olga Karavaeva a.k.a OlgaKay. Her videos were downright hilarious and cheered me up whenever I was in a foul mood in addition to the railfans I already subscribed to. Now I follow many other bloggers on YouTube including Lisa Donovan (LisaNova), Lizzy the Lezzy, Sarah Austin of Pop17, and Arielle Scarcella (my personal favorite; a lesbian who lives less than three miles away from me in Brooklyn). I hope to meet them all someday and possibly appear in their videos.


2. Taylor Swift (natural talent): Her inspiration is a little different from the rest. She is four months younger than me and yet already famous because she followed her natural talent and hobby of country music. I wished I had a talent for singing, but that is not the case. Nonetheless, Swift inspired me to take advantage of what I like most and am naturally good at and that is mass transit. I get paid on YouTube for my videos even though it is not a lot compared to Shane or bloggers. While I do not plan on a career with the MTA since it is the worst public service agency I have ever seen, I hope to get a temporary side job with them where I can help and educate people interested in mass transit while working to become a superstar. Other young singers I follow include Miley Cyrus, Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, Gaby Borges, Hollie Steel, and the adorable Paula Eduarda of Brazil.


1. Jackie Chan (the entertainment world): As far as I can remember, my family has owned and seen on VHS and DVD many movies starring Chan like City Hunter, The Spy Next Door, and the Rush Hour trilogy since he is such a talented actor and martial artists. He made me realize that deep down, I always wanted to create and act in movies and shows because every time I watched something on TV, I imagined myself being part of that show doing what the actors are doing on camera. Because of Chan, I hope to be just like Leon Lai, another awesome Hong Kong singer and actor who has been my biggest idol since I was four. He can play all sorts of characters from an ex-triad to superhero to lonely flirter. I clearly remember how I began liking him (watching him sing two great songs in a 1992 award show) and like Chan, my family owns plenty of Lai's concerts, TV series (two that I dream of recreating are The Challenge of Life and The Legendary Ranger), and movies on VHS and DVD. When I become famous, I want to use the same stage name as him and will thank him for making my dreams come true.


Sorry if this post is a bit too long. You do not have to read everything I wrote, but I really would like to know, who has inspired you in your life and how? It does not have to be famous people, it can be friends, family, or even other members of this website. Let it all out!


P.S. it does not have to be as long as my post, just one or two sentences for each inspiration is good enough.

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In all seriousness, no one really inspires me; I believe if I want to get to something or want something in general, it's me that's going the journey.


Some opinions, if someone did inspire me, Bush would never be on that list for that matter. Not even from the media's point of view, I just don't like him at all. Some inspirational people that would come close to consideration are probably my parents as they are there thick and thin with advice (in some cases) and tips.

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George W. Bush? :tdown:


No one inspires me. If you want to do something in life only you the person can go out and do whatever that may be. If Bush inspires you to go out and read a book to a bunch of kids then fail on you. The fact he has the IQ of a peanut just says why he was even in a 2nd grade class to begin with.

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Lol @ 553 (but you're right). If people lack that much motivation that they need to look to a celebrity as an influence then they need serious help. A lot of these celebrities aren't up to any good at all. I remember this episode of Maury from last December in which a 13-year-old girl saw Snooki as her idol and her lease on life was almost over.


I do have a few celebrities and political figures that I like (we all do) but I keep my list very very select.

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Actually the people who inspire me is Cory Wiliams and Kate Elliot you guys might not know them but they are video bloggers on YouTube also known as Katersoneseven and SMPFilms

look em up if you want

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1) Miss Ana (Part of my support group)


2) Ms. Tina Fey (Actress)


3) Mr. Mark Sanchez (Pro Football Quarterback New York Jets)


4) Captain Mr. Derek Jeter (Pro Baseball Shortstop New York Yankees)


5) Mr. Andy Pettite (Pro Baseball Pitcher New York Yankees)


6) Dr. Condoleeza Rice


And, People Who I Admire:


1) Minister Mr. Malcolm X


2) Senator Mr. Robert F. Kennedy


3) Mr. Lou Gehrig


4) Mr. Clarence Earl Gideon


5) Dr. Mr. Martin Luther King Jr.


6) President Mr. Bill Clinton


7) Mr. Hank Aaron

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Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Can't say anything bad Flushing, because this is my opinion, but you can hate him all you want) He inspired me to be more tolerant, to be more accepting, to care more about others, to help others (Even though I already do that, but he helped), and to make the world a better place not just for me, but for everything that lives on the surface of the planet Earth.


PS He also inspired me to learn to play the Ukulele besides my current Guitar skills. So far I am learning to play chords on the Ukulele.

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My inspiration:


Javier C.: he inspired me to be an oorator.


Me its Allyn B: he's gonna get QSC TMC 295 for talk about yoganda


People who inspire me.....


Yolanda- She makes the best onion sauce.




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I'm inspired to do exactly the opposite of the rampant stupidity that's reeking within our society....


There is no single person that inspires me....

I don't have heroes, I don't have role models, I don't look up to people....

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