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Court Street And 42 St Lower Level. Witch Train????


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In response to question on 42nd Street - If I'm correct some E trains I believe and that is from some nycsubway.org pics I've seen (see pic below). FYI: The IND originally had built that lower level so that the IRT would not be able to extend the Times Sq./Flushing line westward. (Which has been a destiny outlived as the MTA severed the station anyway to extend the (7) line currently to where the tunnels lie today @ somewhere below Hudson Yards in the area of 34th and 11th, how ironic!). That's what I know about it.



Court St was served by a shuttle to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, and the lower level of 42nd was served by regular 8th Ave trains.


Exactly! The HH shuttle.

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I thought HH was KK



The KK train was the first route that utilized the Christie St Connection from Broadway-Lafayatte/6th Ave to Essex Street when the Willamsburg part and the Manny B part of this connection made it's debut in 1967. Which was what we all well know as that same connection the that makes the (M) so special.


Edit: Wow! Better make sure my all my i's are dotted and my T's are crossed, mtattrain has entered the classroom. =D

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to set the record straight, the following lines have used the LL of 42nd street


The E in revenue service,


The Playland specials


and the Aqueduct Specials.


The following have used the Court Street spur.


HH Court Shuttle. to Hoyt-Schermerhorn


No offense Kendall, but most of this information is readily avaible on NYCsubway.org and Wikipedia. you don't need to come running to ask us about everything.

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The Lower Level uses the same IND tiling style as 179 Street, (there is blueish tile underneath the orange and blue stripes, as seen in older photos of the station) which looks like a transition between the original style and the late 50s simpler design that Broad Channel and Grant Ave got.

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Brennan has bearly updated that site in recent years. 


IE, the 42nd street article mentions nothing about the lower level platform being cut in half forever...


So what they used it for IN THE PAST i.e. the TS his question isn't correct on his web site?

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it's correct in that the information isn't wrong, just lacking. For example, there is no mention of the Playland specials to the Rockaways using that platform. 


yes, they were one of the akward moments in the history of the subway, but they still existed.


There were also Football specials that used the station from what I've read, (forgot to mention them before)


When the New York Jets were first formed, they were known as the "New York Titans", and played at the Polo Grounds in upper manhattan. The subway ran trains from the end of the Queens Blvd line to 42nd lower, where they made the station stop, and then somehow relayed and reveresed north to 155th on the Concourse line.



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