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08-27-08: Old Stuff on the IND

Fred G

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I met Dave P and Wayne W at 6th and 42nd to chase Slant 40's, R42's, R32's, basically whatever didn't have a little red circle in front :(


Our itinerary was:

Chase the B up 6th av and CPW to 205th

Chase the A from 145th to 190th

Come downtown and catch the F to Lex 63/Roosevelt Island/21st Queensbridge then out to Forest Hills to catch the E

E to Jamaica Archer

J to Broadway Jct

C to Franklin Av

Shuttle to Prospect Park

Trouble on the Brighton :)






























I'll stop here at Jamaica-Van Wyck for now and pick it up in a new post. Thanks for looking.

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Excellent pics


Thanks, amigo! :)




- (A)


Thanks, (A)ndy


nice pics, never new lower level 145 got new paint

oh btw, my girl lives around 110 street, cant believe you got her home sta.!


Thanks, had I known I would have brought flowers ;)


How do you make your shots so clear?

Nice Pics, Fred


I'm using a DSLR and have some very good lenses. Thanks for the compliment.


dang you was near where I live yesterday


Well that could be anyplace but cool :D


Nice photos!!




Hmmm....very very VERY nice shots Fred!


I need new photography equipment and catch up with the times of underground subway photography. :D


Thanks so much Pablo and you're just saying what all us camera-addicted fools say. ¡Es muy peligroso! ;)


Great shots as always. :cool:


Thanks, buddy!

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Whoa that (F) pic where its half in the dark is epic. Great photos




That's my favorite also. There are all great. That's one of the better stations in the system. Thanks for posting Fred. B)icon14.gif


Thanks and you're welcome, Harry B)


beautiful pics! i like the lex/63rd one a lot


Thank you, error!

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Great shots, the D200 has has excellent noise control even at high ISO speeds. What kind of metering do you use underground?


Thanks, diffusedmind, I find the D200 is a bit noisy at or above ISO 1000. I use the noise reduction routine in PS Elements to keep it down and it seems to work ok. I shoot aperture priority underground, with the ap wide open and shutter is what it is. Usually I can get a shutter of at least 100 or 125. If I use my Nikkor 35mm f2 I can get a bit more than if I'm using my 17-50 f2.8.

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