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NYCT Dispatcher Exam 8702 - Surface Transportation (Buses)


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Promotion to Dispatcher (Surface Transportation) Exam No. 8702

List Status:  This list has been established as of October 14, 2020.

Pay: $73,821 per annum for a 40-hour work week.

Highest List Number Called: For Promotion (83)

Next Training Class: January 2, 2022

Resources: Eligibility List

Base requirements to be promoted:

  • 3 years of service as a TA Bus operator (Time as an OA or MTA Bus operator does not count)
  • Favorable time and attendance record
  • No major violations or accidents or pending outcomes of either.

The same rules for civil service exams apply for this promotional exam as well.

(Updated January 2, 2022)

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Where can i find material to study for this exam? Especially for the “job abilities”(leadership, decisiveness) portion ? Any recommendations would be helpful 

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You can't consolidate two separate civil service lists, it's literally illegal lol.

What's probably going on (what I assume) they don't want to release the new list until they already have a secondary list on standby because the first list is so short as they claim (less then 80 people). Your list will come out FIRST and will they will hire off your list FIRST. It's just a waiting game now, unless your name is DCAS you don't believe any rumors.

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34 minutes ago, bronxbomber2 said:

Word!!! I heard Livingston street and zarega opening soon so hopefully they can start moving along 

I heard Zerega may open on the 22nd, not too sure if that July 6 date pushes that back or what.

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No that’s not going to affect dispatcher that’s more of the executive and upper management on a corporate level promoting. You still would need dispatchers in fact I heard 26 in Ta retired already since COVID started and another 40 before the end of the year a lot of those guys are getting out after everything that has happened.  I got word they started doing new bus operator classses so hopefully we will see a list before September 🤞 or September.. the last list that was extended has a November expiration date

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3 minutes ago, Sammy said:

Heard a big class  starting on July 20th guessing  exam 4700 getting  more luck.... anyone  heard anything.. posted

I heard they sent 20 guys downtown today to get promoted, idk if off this exam.

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