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My Subway Alphabet


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(A) is for (A)queduct-North Conduit (A)v or (A)queduct Racetrack.

(:P is for (B)edford Park (B)lvd in the (B)ronx, or (B)righton (B)each in (B)rooklyn.

(C) is for ©ancellation because it has lots of ©onstruction on Weekend.

(D) is for (D)og and I think that's what station announcer said or (D)elay because 6th Av is always slow.

(E) is for (E)ighth Avenue Local.

(F) is for (F)ailure because sometimes (F) is slow.

(G) is for (G)reen Seat or (G)reepoint Av.

(J) is for (J)amaica Center in (J)amaica, Queens.

(L) is for (L)orimer St and (L)ivonia Av.

(M) is for (M)etropolitan Av-(M)iddle Village.

(N) is for (N)ew Utrecht Av)

(Q) is for Q32 bus because it meets at 34th St-Herald Square.

(R) is for ®arely and stop at ®ector St.

(V) is for (V)intage Train because it always run every December on Sundays.

(W) is for (W)eekday only to/from (W)hitehall St.

(S) is for (S)huttle train, (S) bus.

(Z) is for Kosciu(z)ko St because there are no letter that begins with (Z).

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Well heres mine, but different lol


(A) is for (A)pplication on the NTT

(:P is for (B)ronx Express on the(2)(5)

(C) is for ©losing the Train door

(D) is for don't put a babies (D)iper on the subway bench but in the track

(E) is for (E)at your food on s sticky floor

(F) is for (F)art in the Train next to the cab

(G) is for (G)ive up your monney to the chocolate candy boy

(J) is for (J)umping jacks on the train ~ gimmie 100, 1000 for free ride

(L) is for (L)ove some one on train

(M) is for (M)annhattan and Brooklyn via Pelham Local [Pretend lol]

(N) is for (N)ewkirk Avenue on the (;)(Q)

(Q) is for (Q)ueens Blvd. Express on the (E)(F)

(R) is for ®oaches on the trainz

(V) is for (V)ocabulary cuz u need to know what Trainsit is!

(W) is for (W)ash your teeth before you enter the train

(S) is for (S)pam cuz the (MTA) SPAMS FOR MONEY:




(Z) is for (Z)ach cuz he loves his 68s~ GO ZACH YOU ROCK!!! :P



(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7) is THE IRT!!!!

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(1) is for loney (1) local because it's all alone in Upper Harlem and Riverdale, Bronx.

(2) is for (2) train running locals in 2 boroughs, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

(3) train meets (3) buses 125th St meets Chambers St, M20, M22, X25 during rush hour.

(4) train at 14th St meets (4) BMTs, N, Q, R, W.

(5) train stop at (5)9th St.

(6) has (6) buses at Pelham Bay Park.

(7) local stop at (7)4th St-Broadway, but not that peak <7> express.


Change on new one.

(C) is for ©entral Park West Local that stops at ©hambers and (C)-A-N-A-L Sts.

(J) is for (J)FK Airport connection via Airtrain (J)FK at Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av.

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How bout this


(A) is for (A) very very very long line


(B) is for (B)righton beach's train


(C) is for ©ats on the platform


(D) is for (D)o not liter on the tracks


(E) is for (E)xit the damn train already, youre at the last stop


(F) is for (F)rogs in the train


(J) is for (J)ack in the box


(M) is for (M)y time


(N) is for (N)itro


(Q) is for (Q)uack


(R) is for ®ace car


(S) is for (S)uperman


(V) is for (V)ery empty train


(W) is for (W)ait a minute


(Z) is (Z)ebra crossing


:) B) :cool: :eek: :D

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I came with another alphabet with animation, moie, comedy, drama style.

(A) is for (A)lice in Wonderworld or (A)mazing Race.

(:P is for (B)atman, (B)everly Hill Ninjas.

(C) is for ©harlie and Wonka Factory, ©at and Dog.

(D) is for (D)oom, movie based on game (D)oom, (D)ark Water.

(E) is for (E)veryone Loves Raymond.

(F) is for (F)raiser, (F)resh Prince of Bell-Air, or (F)ear (F)actor, (F)amily (F)eud.

(G) is for (G)hostwriter, (G)oosebumps.

(H) is for (H)oney, I Shrunk the Kids or Blow Up Kids or (H)aunted Mansion or (H)ow to Rob A Bank.

(J) is (J)ungle Book or George in (J)ungle.

(K) is for (K)im Possible.

(L) is for (L)ittle Mermaid.

(M) is for (M)y-Hime

(N) is for (N)ancy Drew.

More to come.

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(Q) is for Avenue (Q) off-broadway musical.

(R) is for ®osario and Vampire.

(S) is for (S)ailor Moon, (S)piderman, (S)upermen, (S)uper Dog, (S)uper Why.

(T) is for (T)aking of Pelham 1-2-3.

(V) is for (V)ampire Miyu.

(W) is for (W)elcome to Dead House based on Goosebumps book.

(Z) is for (Z)oom, educational PBS program.

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