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Visiting Harlem (125th Street station)!


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Nice pics man

Glad you weren't meditating when you shot these pictures. :) That would've been weird.

Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lmfao... Thanks
Those guys in the back of the first picture look mildly suspicious.
To me many people in Manhattan tend to look suspicious.. But then again I look suspicious with my burnt hispanic self taking photos of buses and trains.
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Nice pics, angles and everything else. *cough*
Thanks, don't you cough at me boy... Lol
Wonderful shots of the M-7A's and Shoreliners/Genesis:tup:
Good stuff
Thanks FG
Nice stuff from the Harlem-125th Street Station. Looking cool, there, :)!
Thank you.
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8th shot is hot!!:tup::cool:
Thanks, I like how that one came out as well.


Great job!


Very nice! B)

I hope to get my pictures up, as long as my laptop is charged, which right now is impossible! :(

Thanks, that happens to me all the time, I know the feeling.


Nice stuff!:tup:
Thanks man


Nice pics , glad you weren't being a hobo on the station.
If one of you people from my clan call me a hobo again someones getting kicked in the hamhocks.. :P
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Nice work, bud! :tup:


It's one of the best train stations on the planet ;)

Thanks, I like this station but also like Hunters Point and Woodlawn a little more.
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