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  1. Some New Yorkers seem to forget that the bus network hasn't been updated in over a half century. This is especially true for Richmond County riders. The system cannot function reliably from a business or strap-hanger standpoint. I know my opinions seem out of place, but transit is like any other business. You cannot provide service that cannot be paid for and not expect financial repercussions. The suburbs may serve a smaller population, but that population is served well. NYCT Buses are the worst in the nation. The has been given numerous warnings, audits and even rider feedback (I literally watched representatives do eye rolls toward New Dorp residents who raised valid flags), and that is far more out of touch than my remarks can ever be. Riders need to be taken seriously if any change is to be made, and cohesion between the city and state is an absolute must. I've spent my week writing letters to the Governor, senator and Representative from my district (42/77). People are too disembodied from the process that it stands to undo everything this city stands for. And that may very well trigger an exodus or high earners, although I would be willing to look toward a suburban residency once more.
  2. That might be because of how state constitutions are composed - it requires top-down oversight, which is something mentioned in the supremacy clause of the US Constitution. Any laws or authority not asserted by the federal or state governments can be asserted by county and local governments. It's a requirement that all states had to ratify to be a part of the union (including the 11 states that seceded between Dec. 1860 and April 1861), which were readmitted between May 1866 and March 1870, starting with Tennessee and ending with Texas.
  3. I will reply under Random Thoughts Thread after this. It seems our spat has already veered us off course. To the mods, Apologies.
  4. I don't have to admit that here on the site. That doesn't mean, however, that I doubt your word. *nods* Didn't I say in a past reply to you that I don't do that on forums as it's ego fuel? Under no circumstance do I have to validate or reconcile any remark I state, so long as it isn't provocative or pointed as @bobtehpanda's remarks have been. The 'holier than thou' remark has been used against me a baker's dozen times. *facepalm* It becomes difficult for me to understand where the criticism is coming from when we veer toward personal insults instead of staying on or reacting directly to my perspective on the topic. *shakes head*
  5. The B46 is SBS and shouldn't even be considered for cuts. Transit serving Arteries and Boulevards shouldn't even be considered for cuts. The buses need to be apportioned to who needs them most, and what roadways are most welcoming, and despite 278 local routes, some communities are underserved. If not cuts, reassignments. It makes it easier to follow what I'm replying to. I'm using the default set. The remainder of your reply I won't dispute as it isn't something I can.
  6. Don ye hued apparel...

    I chose Gold for this site, but my Twitter PFP/CP uses a red hue.

  7. Not well. Do you really need details? But if you do, I can set the same example as a typical NYS politician and refer you to something that makes you ask more questions.
  8. I know this lesson well. I kinda just fire back now. If they're taking their bad day out on me, I'll be sure to make it worse. And join them on their round trip back. ):-}
  9. I have quite the grasp. I spent a great deal of my summer reading up on the shortcomings of this system. Sadly, even I understand that while my suggestions are out of touch, the electorate is far more so. Any ideas are better than none at all. I've spent more of my life in the suburbs than in the city. Again, it cannot be helped. My perspective is as it shall be. You're right about that. And it requires an open mind, something the city has not been blessed with over the decades. I don't see them being corralled in as the law is taking too long to catch up and unlike Riders Alliance, UBER is much better at rallying public support. Let's hope it stays that way. A natural consequence of low voter turnout causing more of the same. We have a mayor that is in the pockets of real estate than he is "in your borough". You and me both. That would be the most counterproductive thing ever. I would support cuts if the fare went down, not up. We shouldn't be running services that are deplorable and set us further in the red. I would be supportive of SBS being exempt from any cuts and a double down on eligible routes.
  10. Transit needs to be disconnected from politics if it is ever to make the comeback New Yorkers currently invest three figures in.
  11. Not the divisions I was talking about. Three, as I said. The IND, BMT and IRT portions of the subway system cannot interact directly with each other and their individual shortcomings drag the system down. Public transit is in bed with politics, and it's impractical to compare our transit system with others when they don't have the same types of issues. Stop making this about me. I attend board meetings in both Bowling Green and The Westchester County Center. Unlike you, my PFP is not a symbol. It is me, and the same one I use on all forums. Who's really hiding behind a screen. Don't make me laugh. Throwing a bunch of disconnected points and misfired statements doesn't solve real world problems. Shame on the three imbeciles who gave you reputation for misfired banter.
  12. @Daniel The Cool I've started putting these into a calendar file so that I don't have to go online to look it up. It's public and available to anyone who wants to view. I've also started adding notes for Unlimited MetroCard Riders and confusing platforms. I posted the link earlier, but that's the import link. The viewable link is here: Colors I added may not show: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=ouh76vca7r0v6a3ks5tnvdapk4%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FNew_York The import link, for Google and Outlook - colors might not show in Outlook: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/ouh76vca7r0v6a3ks5tnvdapk4%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics Calendar may not include last minute updates.
  13. I have a better understanding of the community "bent". Each forum I've joined has a unique awareness to it. With the exception of SBS, which has done some good, the system needs to be revised, especially Richmond buses. It can't be helped. While the scale of service and population served are different, it's important to satisfy the population you have. Hemorrhaging 100M riders over a decade is certainly not reflective of that. When I stated the city and MTA lack cohesion in the planning process, this includes the ability to manage traffic, enable TSP, and enforce violators. The buses may very well be what a neighborhood wants, but so long as NYCDOT chooses the warring path, bus service will continue to be affected. I just hope I'm not a resident when things finally go sour. I give it a decade.
  14. I do. However, it's the continued lack of out of box thinking that will send this system to ruin. I'm also aware the platforms cannot accommodate the width of R160 and similar cars used on lettered lines. The system's trifecta nature is a liability that will make modernization difficult and costly. I believe such service once existed, but it was torn down. New Yorkers' disdain for the political process will continue to make them vulnerable to the power grabs that essentially allowed Moses to run wild. If they choose to say nothing they get nothing.
  15. This is a great point. Reminds me of the Burke Av struggle until Robert Moses convinced the city to axe it. I did mention an idea that would allow MetroNorth riders to participate in a similar pilot the LIRR was holding regarding combined tickets that utilize monthly MetroCards and zoned access. The Bronx is Zone 2, with about two baker's dozens worth of stations.
  16. I find the adding of an even lower level at Lex Av - 125th St to be geologically unsound. It's also financially ridiculous as service shortages would occur to make room for those digging machines. Further, the elevator was just replaced within the past year and I believe it wasn't cheap.
  17. I think they should send the to 3rd Ave - 138th Street and create either a tunnel or an OOST between it and 149th Street. The could then replace service and serve the Bronx as originally envisioned by the IND.
  18. that's kinda why I mentioned it, out of perspective or a seen-this-before viewpoint. the (MTA) is known for custom orders, too. It's why the price of things go through the roof. Even the type of CBTC being implemented isn't exactly being used anywhere else in the world and was done to make up for the lack of space in tubes.
  19. Personally, service cuts that take bad buses and lines out of service would be fairer than increasing the fare. I've suggested route lengthening or merging in the past, but I've consistenly received blowback saying it would take longer. There's nothing wrong with a longer route, but there is something wrong with the roads they travel on. Most suburban routes have operators travel in pairs. This makes switching easier and adds a sense of security knowing you have a colleague literally on board with you. The average length of a NYCT route is about six miles, which takes an average of forty-nine minutes to complete. Top speed allowed is 25 MPH, and buses at best attain a speed of 17 MPH at best. Bus stops are placed between 90 - 210 feet of each other. less than 5% of local and limited buses have highway access despite all buses having the authority to use HOV lanes. The average length of a Bee-Line route is fourteen miles, which takes an average of forty-five minutes to complete. Top speed allowed is 55 MPH, with buses reaching 47 MPH overall after local speed restrictions are baked in (with Downtown Yonkers being the lowest at 30 MPH). Bus stops are placed 260 - 520 feet of each other. 47% of Bee-Line buses use expressways and dedicated service roads, and all of their buses can utilize HOV lanes thanks to their passes, as well. As I make the suggestion to lengthen or merge going forward, keep in mind that the road makes the bus, not the length.
  20. It's an incredibly savvy version compared to the original; however, its resolution is too low on WSXGA (1440 x 900 or 1280 x 1024) screens. Otherwise, it looks great!
  21. As have I. When it comes to the needy they're tone-deaf. The last board meeting had filled the seats for once, and a great many ADA advocates were there. I mentioned in my speech that it's not impossible to accommodate the disabled in absentia of elevators, as many ADA friendly options exist, costing far less than elevators. I made frequent references to Stair-lifts, and made brief mention of the elevator style at 34 St - Hudson Yards as an example for rampways. In partial defense, some stations are not structurally sound enough to accommodate elevator shaftways without tremendous disruption to nearby businesses, which would create a situation akin to SAS' first phase.
  22. If the fare keeps getting hiked at that speed, which is 25% faster than national inflation, as much as 2 million poor NYers will be left behind by 2029. The financial accessibility of mass transit plays a huge role in upward mobility, which includes the homelessness crisis. It's about high time riders stopped paying for MTA mismanaging mistakes and impoverish be damned if they even try to propose another. (fare hikes should have happened earlier in the TA's history, otherwise we wouldn't be in this 40 billion dollar mess)

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