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Some Love for Smith-9th Under Construction

Fred G

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Before I arrived at the Transit Museum I visited Smith-9th to see the extent of construction. Exiting the portal after Carroll Street, I


saw the express tracks are removed until about somewhere on the curve on the Culver Viaduct. The newly erected barricades have changed the


landscape of the station in terms of the view. This isn't to gripe as they are vital to worker safety and train operation.










Intermission, of sorts, here as I attended the TM fan trip.


After the R9's cruised by the sun began to peek out so I stayed at Smith-9th for a while. I wanted to see more R160's and the light kept


getting better.














Thanks for looking. Here is the album these photos came from Enjoy!

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man your photos are so awesome and so clear! nice!




Excellent work once again!


Thank you.


Probably sound like a broken record but those are some amazing shots man.


Haha no prob, I appreciate that you enjoy the photos.


Slammin pics Fred!


Thanks man!


Awesome pics Fred!


Thanks bud!


(G)reat and (F)antasic shots Fred!


Thanks so much ©urtis :)


Great Pics Fred, even for a rainy/cloudy day your shots come out perfect and not blur a bit:)


Thanks Mark. It's all about keeping the shutter speed as high as you can to eliminate blur.


Once again an amazing job! I love the shots after the sun came out, especially the black and white "Kentile Flooring" one.


Thanks, I love that sign as an old-NYC artifact. I hope they preserve it as an historic item.

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A broken record doesn't play!


Fred, you got some nice pics going on. Not a single one is blurry.


Thanks, bveguy, I don't post the blurry ones :)


Wow station looking good and so are your shots. Wow love the look of those SMS R46s!


Thanks ctrain.


Very nice and clear shots ,Those 46's look nicely repainted and clean good shots (G) :tup::cool:


Thanks KnightRider, I like the paint jobs too.

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Nice job with the (F)(G) photos. Do you like the R46 or R160 better?


Thanks. I prefer the R46 to photograph but the R160 to ride.


Brilliant shots as always!


Thanks, Charles!


Great job! The SMSed R46 adds a nice touch to the first photo


Thank you!


Beautiful pictures dude!:tup:

let's pray after the reconstruction of Smith-9 Streets station,that the mosaics on the platforms will survive.


Thanks. I hope those are preserved, too.

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