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coach buses on local routes


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Welcome! I read once that an MCI ran on the B41 on 9/11, it normally doesn't happen, It did that day cause they was running buses where they was needed. I personally didn't see it but someone on another forum saw and rode on it. But under normal situations, I agree with the two posters above.

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Hello, (Mx)k®aga! Welcome aboard to NYCTF!

I have seen CNG-05's (those ones in the 9800's/9900's) on the QM10. I also saw a bus #ered "7412" or "7214" (it had a very flat front, rollsign, & looked like an older model (I think its called an MCI classic :confused:) on the QM10 about 4 years ago.


Though Ive never seen an express bus used for a local route ;)

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