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My New House Experience


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I want to share my experience in new my house. No address mention.

My mom and I move to new house, apartment in a Condiminium. Our apartment is on fifth floor and it's beautiful with two balconies.


My old house at Warren St became guest house for Japanese folks who can't find hotel or staying in the guest house while searching for room.


Friday was first night sleeping, but at that time, internet wasn't ready. It was so beautiful.


After getting our stuff, we moved small ones.

After that errand, we went upstairs to Roof at night, and it was beautiful experience in Roof.


There was stairs leading more higher, but my mom was afraid of heights, so I went all the way to top of stairs, which was almost same size as Sculpture on Roof Garden exhibitit at Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It was so beautiful view with sunset, pink sky.


Sleeping in new house at night time on matress was little hard, but I fell asleep well.


When I wanted to use internet on my notebook on table, I had to go into guest house to use internet, which we still owns keys and check into make sure Japanese folks are getting along with each other.


It has wedding store recently opened, beauty salow, barber shop.

It's mostly Chinese residents.


I am having fun sleeping in new house.

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I don't know who you are referencing when you say "we're", but "bad people" had zero to do with what I said to Shortline......

I was talking about Yuki being able to share that information with us and that not being such a bad idea.

Considering some of the posts on this message board, Shortlines' question was well thought out.

LOL, so true.
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I was talking about Yuki being able to share that information with us and that not being such a bad idea.


Ok, but What did I say that would invoke that type of a reply though ?

I'm not seeing where you're coming from with the whole "we're not bad people" or "such a bad idea" notion......


Shortline asked Yuki a question, I questioned shortline's asking of that question....If anything, that's defending Yuki !

Yuki wants to post about his new house experience, that's his business.... I never even directed a comment to him about this....


That particular comment of mine should not have been quoted (by you), for the point you're making.....

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From Roof of condo, I climb up stairs that seem like 2-story higher and it was beautiful at night time.


I could see two ()' /> Bridges, Bronx-Whitestone and Throgs Neck Bridges.


I even saw spectular view of Empire State Building in blue and Chrysler Building in shiny golden just like shiny star.

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This picture of my new condo home. This picture taken my friend who stay in our condo. He gave me permission to share my favorite photos.


This condo was recently building is has 6 floors.


Here I am on staircase on roof which is entrance to Elevator Maintence Room (together it's 8-story height.)


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