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36 Street Brooklyn


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Great shots, Is the (M) running only R160's now?


Certainly looks like it. I'm mostly on the subway AM/PM rush hours. So far in the last three weeks I haven't seen any R42s on the (M) at all.

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Damn! Those photos are (M)agnificent man! That last one is just awesome!


(Sorry CurAke79, had to use that one :D)


Smoking Shots Man! (W)O(W)! Sorry Curake times 2 ! lol


(A)(W)(E)(S)O(M)(E) P(H)O(T)O(S)!


Sorry CurAke79 for stealing your thunder. :D





(G)(R)(E)(A)(T)! First time I've ever seen a photo of a full LCD.


CurAke79, looks like you started a trend here (and pretty much everywhere)... my hat goes off to you.


Why thank you;)


Well Harry (M)ickey looks (M)arvelous:cool::D;):D


(M)IRA LO!!! That bad boy looks fresh off the truck!


(CurAke79, I wouln't be right if I didn't follow suit :P )



No doubt;)

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Was at 36 Street station and decided to take some quick shots. An R160 (M) waiting on supervision.






You mean waiting, begging and pleading for Murphy Tower to give it the RIGHT Line Up... :cool::cool::cool:

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