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Eric B

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Finally ran across this board, when someone linked to it on one of the other boards. Had never really come across it before.

Looks nice with thepictures as backgrounds, and has what I always dreamed of: ready made subway bullets as "smilies"!

(What is this, I can't use them until a certain while?Or they're disabled in this subforum?)

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welcome to the forum mate and enjoy your stay, talk to harry, it could also be your Internet Browser may not work with certain VBuilltion features oh well, try manual typing for now


:cool: enjoy tho

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Hello and welcome to NYC Transit Forums. If you're having trouble using smilies it is because you're using an old version of Internet Explorer. Most likely version 6 and it doesn't support png graphics too well. Downloading and installing Firefox or IE 7 or higher would fix that up.


You can use replacement text to make the smilies appear.

For example (without the spaces in between):

( A ) for (A)

( B ) for (;)

( C ) for (C)

< 4 > for <4>

( MTA ) for (MTA)

( NYCT ) for (NYCT)

and so on...


Hope this helps. :)

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Welcome to the board!


Eric, you post at Subchat right?


Yes. Same one.

Thanks' all!



(Also not working with the new AOL 9.1 I just started using. Must still be based on IE6, I guess. I also see that 10.1 is out as well, and I wonder if that uses the new IE. I can get png's elsewhere, and even use them on my sites. The problem is that I can see the smilies, but clicking to select them does nothing but make the cursor disappear. Seems more like some sort of script problem).

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