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03-10-09 Slants & R32's on the A

Fred G

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Like always, great shots!




R-40S on the (A)......(A)weome:tup:


I love the slants and will miss them.


Excellent pics!




good thing slants are on the (A). those speed-demons are certainly better than R38s, R42s, and R44s, though i miss them on the (:).


They can go fast, believe me.


OMG.....you are so lucky! I can never get those R32 A trains on my side of the platform!


LOL I know what u mean, I was shocked!


Great photos. Do you ever wonder what the Train Operator is thinking when you are snapping photos of the train?


No, I can read lips LOL


Nice pics!


Thank you.


As always, the SLR stands out!


What lenses do you use?


I use Nikon 17-35, 35-70, 70-200

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Nice photos as always!!


Thanks very much.


Great shots as always. :tup:

Around what times were you out in the Rockaways? I got to Far Rockaway at like 10:30/40-ish on a slant (A) lead car 4399 yesterday, and it would've been awesome to see you in action.


Thanks, I didn't get out there until probably noon or so.


Nice shots!



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