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What's your favorite Queens bus routes?


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My favorites:

Q3- Even thought it's local, it's still convient ride between Jamaica and JFK.


Q10- Especially Limited because it doesn't make so much stop, but glad they made it 7-day. I love local also, but not Rockaway Blvd. One time, when I was waiting for Q10R, B/O did not stop b/c Q7 was there.


Q17: Local and peak LTD is fast to me.


Q19: I try the Flushing extention from 21st St and love it.


Q21: I still have not try Queens Center extention, that B/O was very nice when I was getting on last QM15 into Manhattan.


Q22: Fast in Rockaways, but makes all stops. Scenic route. I only too it to B 116th St.


Q23: Love it.


Q25: I love local and peak LTD.


Q27: I love how the local turnaround at Queens Community College.


Q33: I love it b/c it goes to/from Airport.


Q45: I love Atlas Park Mall extention.


Q48: I love it, even thought it's 30 minutes headways and take 20 minute from Flushing to LGA.


Q49: I love the new name for Q19B.


Q53: I used to love when it was almost like super express during Triboro days, even after MTA takeover, and now, I love the new pattern Woodhaven=Cross Bay Blvd.


Q69: I love the new name for Q19A.


Q72: I love it and Q72 my home bus is always fast, even thought headways are 20 to 30-minutes headways depends on hours. It only takes 14-15 minutes from 37th Av to LGA.


Q100: I love the new bus stop for Q100 at Astoria Blvd.

Q102: I love Q102 most because it's always interesting pattern in Roosevelt Island, and Q102 B/O doesn't mind passenger riding through last/first b/c different bus begins at different hospita.



QM1A: It was wonderful express, b/c B/O took short cut via LIE, but made all stop on Union Turnpike.

QM15: I love this most and I am glad it introduce Saturday service.


QM21: I remember when I ended up in Rochelle Library that was closed, but friendly driver on QM21.

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My favorite lines are the ones that I grew up with in and around Middle Village. I don't like them as much now that the (MTA) monopolized them, they were great during the PBL era, though. Here they are:

-Q38 (Triboro Coach Corp.) Always had the smokiest GMC RTSes and the best TMCs. I also liked the comfortable and red Orion Vs that ran on the Q38.

-Q67 (Queens Surface Transit Co.) Had very nice orange Orion Vs, and sometimes ran orange TMC/GMC RTSes. This route was/is very fast from 69th Street to LIC.

-Q11/60 (Green Lines) Always found their falling apart and archaic GMC RTS dinosaurs very amusing. I was always intrigued by the very old ones, which had the vertical tailight arrangement.

-Q29/45 (Triboro Coach Corp.) Didn't ride them often, but I liked them because they ran through very peaceful neighborhoods.

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Back in the 90s I loved riding the bus more than the subway (now I'm vice versa) but I was very impartial to Triboro Coach, never really liked the city routes. Middle Village was pretty much all Triboro Coach except for the Q54 and Q67


Q38 - My local Middle Village bus, don't ride it very often now but back when I was in high school I relied on it heavily. Used to love riding it when I was younger from 63 Drive to Eliot Ave/82nd St, especially when I went to the Nobody Beats the Wiz on Queens Blvd. If I wasn't in rush to get home from school I would get off the (G) or (R) at 63rd Drive and take it home


Q29 - Since I lived between both routes in Middle Village, I could catch either one on my way home from high school when I would get off at Woodhaven Blvd.


Q45 - When I first started started working in the city sometimes I would take the (7) to 74th/Roosevelt and ride it all the way to Eliot Ave/80th Street. Also used the Q45 to get to the Q18 when I went over to Astoria


Q18 - Loved taking this bus over to Steinway/30th Ave


QM24 - Back when it wasn't so expensive, it was the fastest way for me to get into Manhattan in the morning from Middle Village. Not so much in the evening but then I could take a nice nap on the ride home


Q60 - Got me to Forest Hills at least once a week when going to the movies at the Midway or one of the Austin St theaters

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Q33, Q47, Q49. My home bus routes (though I never have to use them). I also never use the Q33 since it's half a mile away from me but it stops at the Roosevelt Bus Terminal so it's all good lol

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I have a couple Queens routes I prefer over some others...


when I fan, the:

- Q44.. usually take it from flushing (main/roosevelt) to the last stop in the bronx...

- Q76... prefer taking it from the 165th terminal to the mall out in college pt.

- Q28... the full route; it's quicker, less prone to delays, (and quieter, if you catch it w/o the bayside kids on it) than the q13.... it goes hand in hand after having rode the...

- ....QM2, one of, if not the more scenic (and interesting, IMO) express runs in the whole system...

- Q53... the ride itself is relaxing - if you're not fighting (or hoping & praying) to get a seat...

- QM16... another one of those scenic routes... just rode it this past thursday... from manhattan, I always ride it to the last stop (for the Q35 back to brooklyn)... I prefer this over the qm17 b/c that takes too many subtle turns along the ride... that, and there's nothing much to look at after you reach a certain point heading towards far rockaway.... just a different feel to it..


off the top of my head, that's about it... don't have a map in front of me..

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X63-the express route I use the most frequently (the QM21 is physically closer to my house). During the AM it uses the LIE and Queens-Midtown tunnel. During the PM it uses the Queensboro Bridge and Queens Blvd.


QM1A-one of the best express routes in the system. It makes quite a few stops on Union Turnpike but it's a reliable route

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Since I was brought up right off Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens, my favorite Queens route would certainly have to be the Q10!


Aside from that, I drove the Q10 many times during my three summers as a relief driver for Green Bus Lines in 1959, 60 and 61.


I know the operation is somewhat changed today, but let me tell you how it was back when;


Q10 had four branches; Old South Road (N. Conduit and Lefferts), Hamilton Beach (about a mile south of the Belt on the dirt track part of Lefferts(, Richmond Hill Circle (130th. Street just south of the Belt by the school) and what was then New York International Airport (Now JFK) with only two stops on the property!).


Of course, all service began at Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens.


Pictured below in a GM ad campaign photo is a brand new Green Line 1954 GM model TDH 5104 standing at the then main terminal at the airport.


Photo credit; Green Bus Lines archives.


Mr. Linsky - Green Bus Lines, Inc., Jamaica, NY



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My favorite bus routes is: Q10/53/110/113/56/4/83/5/85/44/77/30/3/6.:):cool:(MTA)(A)(B)(C)(1)(2)(3)


I like the Q53 on its journey over Cross Bay Blvd, especially the part on the bridge and Broad Channel and Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

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My favorite Queens bus route is the Q33. This former Triboro Coach Corporation route serves 82d Street between 23d and Roosvelt Avenues and 83d Street between Astoria Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue (85th Street between 23d Avenue and Astoria Boulevard.)


A nice way to get between LaGuardia CTB and Roosevelt Avenue (E)(F) but after a friendly B/O asked me to stay in the back, I learned Light Luggage is best. :)

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